Bones of enemy of China shall be smashed:Xi Jinping

‘The bones of those who are to divide China shall be smashed’ is the statement of Xi Jinping’s warning when he was on visit to Nepal.
On talk with the Nepalese leaders this week he said if anyone of the China does the guidance of freedom, he shall be quelled. He was to say, “any outside power approves such efforts, that country in the sight of china shall be looked like fell into daylight dreaming mere.’
The some Tibet's resident of Nepal were protesting during Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal. They were demanding the liberation of Tibet. Moreover there is a big agitation on high for the democratic reforms nowadays in autonomous province Hongkong. The statement of Chinese president is seen correlated to these incidents. The Nepal said that Tibet is an internal issue of China. It assured Xi Jinping that it would not get any such anti Chinese activities run from the earth of Nepal.
Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal agreed on many bilateral issues between both countries. There is one to lay rail line up to Kathmandu where China shall prepare many projects related to the basic infrastructure in Nepal. Nepal is now intending to reduce its dependency over India by this treaty with China.  Nepal has accepted the ambitious scheme of China – one belt one road while India is opposing it.

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