Murder of HSP leader shaked people in state capital of UP

Two unidentified assailants brutally murdered a national president of Hindu Samaj Party in day light at the party office in Lucknow.
Mr. Kamlesh Tiwari, 35, was attacked when the disguised themselves as two party workers came to meet with him on Friday afternoon this week.
 The party office is run by in his residential building at Khurshed Bagh area under Naka Police Station. In the presence of his kin inside residence Mr. Tiwari was on discussion with some familiar men, unknown to the family at the hour of murder, meanwhile the talk on her wife was making tea for these person; and another attendant boy who was there was sent for buying a cigarette, but the boy returned shortly with.
This assailants submissively said Mr. Tiwari for cigarette, but he denied and asked he would like chewing Pan Masala.
One of them again said to bring Paan Masala and gave Rs100 to the boy for this purpose.
The boy followed through the instruction and as he returned he found that Mr Tiwari was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. The shocked boy screamed and call for help and then rushed Mr. Tiwari to KGMU but he was declared brought dead when he was carried to the trauma center with the help of his kin.
8 stabbing bore marks on the body, one on throat slit, and one embedded bullet-- all tell the story of this gruesome murder in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
The motive behind this murder is still unexplained and the police is constantly combing all the nearby CCTV footage.
According to report, two assailants after executing the murder fled from the crime scene at Khurshedbagh residence where his party office is situated. The UP DGP, OPSingh said the murderers were with Mr Tiwari more than 30 minutes. He said it looks that some well familiar have executed this incident. The statement came after investigating through CCTV footage.
SSP Lucknow, Kalanidhi Naithani told the correspondent that 10 teams had been deployed to nab the accused and unearth this murder mystery. He said it appears that this incident is the consequence of personal enmity. The weapon has been recovered from the spot. The resented people overcrowded there after spreading the message of murder. The shops have been shut down in the wake local tension.

Mr Kamlesh Tiwari was the member of Hindu Maha Sabha. He came in limelight as he had given controversial statement against Paigamber Mohammad. The statement created a big annoyance among the Muslim sect after that he had been arrested however he was out on bail.
The demography of the area is diverse where Aminabad Bazaar is one of oldest market centers in the city of Lucknow along with Chowk, Nakhas and Hazratganj. Presently, it is famous for traders and shops involved in both wholesale and retain commerce. Khurshed Bagh is the adjoining area of Aminabad. Aminabad has been a business center for traders, merchants, craftsmen and artists since the 18th century.
Mr Tiwari’s involvement for promoting Hindu Samaj Party and domineering in local area may also be one of causes to this aftermath. While sources told that he was not involved in any unlawful activities in the area except advocacy for Hinduism.

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