Apex Court concludes; Chidambaram to be released on bail

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P Chidambaram, senior congress leader, has been released from Tihar jail late night on Wednesday this week. He was in judicial custody for the 106 days in INX media money laundering case. He said before media , "No charges could have yet been framed against me inspite of being kept in prison till today." However , he said that he did not want to comment in this matter.
The Congress party workers welcomed the former Finance Minister after his coming out from jail . His son was also present there .
 The Apex Court has granted bail to P Chidambaram in INX media money laundering case turning Delhi High Court decision on Wednesday Morning. According to report, the court has asked him to submit a bail bond of Rupees 2 lakhs as well as the two warranties.
Mr. Chidambaram have been arrested on August 21 in the INX media corruption case and was granted bail on october 22 meanwhile Enforcement Directorate further arrested him in Inx media money laundering case on october 16 this year. When he went for relief in Delhi H C against this coercieve action, his appeal was dismissed on November 15.

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