Congress fuels to violence against citizenship amendment bill: Amit Shah in Bihar

 Saurav Kumar; Ranchi
Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, has alleged the Congress of sparking violence against the amendment bill on citizenship on Saturday afternoon this week. Addressing an election rally at Girdih in Jharkhand he said, “We amended citizenship bill and it is feeling of pain to the Congress party which is fueling violence against the bill.” He added, “ I want to assure Asamees and other people of Northeast Provinces that their culture, social identities, language, political rights shall be intact and the Modi government shall protect them.”
The Northeastern provinces are on boil after the amendment of citizenship bill. A mass protest is on road from Nagaland to Assam. Amit Shah added that the chief minister of Meghalaya, Konrad Sangma, met him on this issue. Mr Shah was to say, “ I have assured him to discuss the issues affirmatively to find the solution.”
There are provisions in this bill to provide citizenship to the refugees of Christians, Parsis, Jain, Bodhist, Sikh and Hindus immigrant due to the religious torture from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan up to 31 December 2014.
The refugees of these 6 communities after residing five years in the country shall be the holders of citizenship. It was 11 years time to be residents for holding the citizenship of the country before this bill comes in existence.

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