Disappeared woman found dead in Varanasi

Deceased family allege laxity of police; claim abduction and murder; suspected rape too
Rakesh Yadav;Varanasi
The resentment on rape in country is continued among the people, but  the criminal incidents in the biggest state of country are not under control. The government is issuing emergency helpline number and claiming police alerts in the state while one by one woman and damsels are being victimized of the criminal incidents.
The report is from the PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Varanasi where a body of a disappeared woman since 11 December found and her kin are provocative. The resented kin and the local residents alleged police laxity in this case, and demonstrated at Maldahiya crossroad stopping public vehicles passage.
According to report, the kin had lodged a complaint of woman’s dis appearance in Sigra police station on December 12. The brother of deceased said allegedly that he had requested in Sigra police station to lodge the complaint apprehending of abduction and murder on evening of December 11. Police of Sigra police station had forbidden to lodge the report saying the case was of Chetganj police station.
He said alleging of no assistance by police that he was first shuttled between the two police stations, then the case of lost instead of abduction was registered. I was not informed about the body found in Choubepur area. Through the news paper I came to know the body recovered; reached to Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital and identified it.
The deceased brother alleged that we were stopped to inspect the body in the hospital. On contacting with the investigating officer it was informed that he was in Pryagraj for the past three days, brother told. He said posing question that the officer who was not present there, why was he assigned the investigation of the case? He told that he had given the celphone number of her sister, but 'still it has not been traced yet'.
The police had assured the action exactly after the demonstration. The circle officer Anil Kumar said that on whom you suspect, they shall be punished. Numbers of call records have been taken. He informed about the postmortem and told police is waiting its report. The stern action shall be taken against laxity. All the CCTV footages are being browsed to find the case lead.

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