France on the move of strike -- protest against new pension scheme

The protest on the proposed pension reform in France has got the momentum. The unions on Saturday protested strongly Government’s pension reform scheme. Countrywide all the public transportation including Metro services remained abrupt due to strike. The unions have warned that the protest shall have been continuing next week too.
The protest against the latest pension reform scheme in France began on Thursday. The effect of strike was so intense that it refreshed the memory of 1995 spring when the government had to withdraw its social policy after a three week mass protest. The strike had badly affected the metro and the rail services. Only air services had been minimum abrupt. The Thursday agitation was joined by about 8 lacs people. Many tourist places of country including Eifle-tower have been remained closed.
The strike has become a challenge to the president, Emanuael Macro’s pension reform scheme. The thousands of people were on the crossroad and the significant transport services were at a standstill. Macro is desirous to implement universal pension scheme in the country, which will make the private and the government employees’ identical pensioners, but the employees are to say that there are flaws in the provision that they would have to work after 62 years retirement.
There are 42 different pension schemes in France for the public sector and the private, however. The retirement age and the benefits are different. President Macro has also faced already the challenge of ‘Yellow west’ agitation. In France, this movement against inequality shook the government last year.

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