'I am not sawarkar, i am Rahul Gandhi... gandhi': Rahul Gandhi in rally

NK Dutt;Delhi
He said, “Any 30 seconds’ advertisement on TV is worth lakhs of Rupees. PM Narendra Modi is seen whole day on TV. Who is paying for this? They, whom Narendra Modi is giving your snatched money, are paying for this purpose.”
Rahul Gandhi alleged that PM Modi is on media by dint of industrialists. “Telling you lie referring the black money back he did demonetization then imposed Gabbar Singh Tax (GST)”, he said.
 Addressing a rally called for 'Desh Bachao' on Saturday this week at Ramlila ground he alleged Modi of ruining country’s economy.
After being targeted of BJP for his statement on rape Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi by his address to a rally. He said in a protest rally called for economic policies of government that he would not apologies for his statement ‘Rape In India’. Rahul said, “My name is not Rahul Sawarkar, my name is Rahul Gandhi. I shall not apologies for the truth… I may die I shall not apologies.” He added, “Apologistic should have to be PM Modi and his assistant, Amit Shah. The economy was our power… with 9% growth rate then and now, the onions are at top.
PM Modi had promised ‘Make in India’, but if you open the news paper’s pages, you see mere ‘Rape in India’. Very much chaotic was both houses of parliament yesterday on the statement of Rahul Gandhi. Smriti Irani said in Loksabha, “It’s first time when Gandhi family’ son says: ‘come in India, do rape’. Rahul Gandhi is the leader of the house; whether Rahul Gandhi wants to say that every Indian intend to rape?”
Rahul Gandhi clarified it on twiter: he shared an old video of PM Modi, ‘He was telling Delhi a ‘rape capital’. The BJP asked Rahul to apology for the statement which he rejected.
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