Police failed to control mob and to save public property

UP police Intelligence input failed in; violence spilt caused heavy loss of public property

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Protest against CAA reported the brick-batting and sabotages in Lucknow. The claim of police DGP that there was peace in Lucknow showed intelligence input failure on Thursday afternoon this week when the protesters crowd began stone pelting over the police at Parivartan Chowk. Many vehicles, whether the four wheeler or the two wheeler parked at the footpath or the side of the road including police outposts, were burnt in front of deployed violence controlling force. There is no official report about the damages of public property. when the sporadic vehicles burnt began, no fire brigade vans prematurely were deployed to safe there by water canons.
Fore incident noon was peaceful and the force when our correspondent recce the spot found alert. The police force was seen to face the entire casual situation.
First crowd march of Samajwadi Party was covered on Lalbagh road. They were shouting slogans: “Police Ke Dam Par Gundagardi Nahi Chalegi, Nahi Chalegi, Police Ke Dam Par Yeh Sarkar Nahi Chalegi, Modi Teri Tana Sahi Nahi Chalegi, Nahi Chalegi”.
The crowd including Ravidas Mehrotra, former MLA, had been arrested and was taken to Eco-garden Lucknow on Road Transport bus. They had banner in their hands showing ‘Give the employment or leave power. Save the constitution, save the democracy’.
Mr Vikas Chandra Tripathi SP(west), in the wake of crowd surge, he began to  announce the public at or near the Parivartan Chowk to leave the place immediately or they would be arrested.
According to the eyewitnesses, the damages of public properties can be assessed by the vehicles set on fire of many media centers including the reporters vehicles too seen burning and billowing the fume in the sky.
The outrage mob spilt the violence, the vehicles were set on fire in arson, and as reported from other part of the state capital. The panic were seen on the road when the protesters in Madehganj under Hassanganj police station were compelled by forces to leave the protesting spot, they turned violent and the police had to use the force to maintain the law and order situation.
The stone pelting mob mostly were teenagers, and the police shot teargas shelling when they saw the march of the crowds were aggressive and throwing the stones lying at roadside over the force.
No doubt many of them were in police clutch who, in mass inside Begum Hajarat Mahl park, were beaten up brutally. One of the police officer who got severe head injuries was rushed to hospital for the treatment when he came in target of projected stone by mob.
Mr Zaki Bharti, Sr Journalist, who was cured by stitching was also sustained stone injuries on his face while he had had cap his helmet too.
The crowd was inside Begam Hazarat Mahl Park and Saadat Ali
Khan's Maqbara. The first stone is suspected to be thrown from Saadat Ali Khan Maqbara, and that the crowd was on march towards Parivartan Chowk suddenly turned violent and began to throw the offloaded rubble heaped there meanwhile a man of the outrageous crowd was waving a white cloth was looked to be they were trying for peace. It is surprising a tractor had been brought loaded with the rubble that was near the bus which had gutted under fire.
Amid planned protests for Thursday against the New Citizenship Law and National Register of Citizens (NRC), the UP Police on Wednesday evening had issued a statement reiterating that the section 144 of the CrPC was imposed in the state and the city too.
Police had also issued notices to 150 people not to violate the provision of CrPC section 144. A statement in this connection Lucknow police had issued that the Thursday protests would be illegal because of no permission granted.
SP (West) Vikas Chandra Tripathi had said, “We are keeping an eye on people who may create trouble.”
Internet services 'WITHHELD GOVERNMENT' caused the news late
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