Priest is to leave temple under mafia threat

Krishn Pradhummn;Lucknow
A public temple priest in Lucknow staged a Dharna in protest against a few local domineering men  at Eco-garden on Monday afternoon this week.
According to priest, he is serving in Shiv Shakti Temple since long, and said allegedly that a few local residents of Ashiyana, retired from the UP Police, are trying to dispossess him from the temple.
Mr Anand Kishor Ojha, temple priest, added that Ravi Kant Tiwari, Banwari Lal Dixit, Narendra Thakur, Vinod Agrawal -- all are tormenting him to disposes anyhow from the place. He said many times he was abused, manhandled and threatened of dire consequences.
He alleged that he had given application to the local police station where no action has been yet taken against the accused.
The temper of these people now, after the local police laxity in this matter, is more rampant over the priest. The priest says: 'He suspects that they can hatch a conspiracy of murdering him to hold the temple property. They have created many time nuisances there.'

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