UNHRC is concerned over the new amendment bill for citizenship

UNHRC (United Nation Human Right Council) has expressed its concern over the citizenship amendment bill. It says that the bill is discriminatory basically. The Human Rights Observing Organization of UNHRC  has released an statement. It says, “We are concerned about that the nature of new amendment citizenship bill in India has had fundamentally discriminatory.” The statement adds that the intention to protect the prosecuted communities is welcomed, but this should not be biased.
#India: We are concerned that the new #CitizenshipAmendmentAct is fundamentally discriminatory in nature. Goal of protecting persecuted groups is welcomed, but new law does not extend protection to Muslims, incl. minority sects: #CABProtests
— UN Human Rights (@UNHumanRights) December 13, 2019
UNHRC says that the respect, the security and the human rights are the rights of every refugee. The spokesperson from the organization has expressed expect by his statement that the Supreme Court shall review the new law and shall also review carefully that it is according to the accountabilities of India for the international human rights.
There are provisions in this bill to provide citizenship to the refugees of Christians, Parsis, Jain, Bodhist, Sikh and Hindus immigrant due to the religious torture from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan up to 31 December 2014.

The refugees of these 6 communities after residing five years in the country shall be the holders of citizenship. It was 11 years time to be residents for holding the citizenship of the country before this bill comes in existence. President of India has put his assent to bill to be law this week.

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