UP Govt should drop the revenge policy -- be sincere to resolve carefully violence issues

Even Uttar Pradesh like other states of the country has been on the altar of sabotages and protest agitations for the last 15 days of December this year. Last 15 days of the end of the year always be celebrated normally of festivals ceremonies and the occasions of leave enjoyment, from the courts up to schools, and the government servants are looked to be dealt with their due leave of the year.
There stands several chances of rebate on the purchasing of goods available from Christmas to New Year normally. It is time of overcrowd in the resorts, zoos and in the parks, but the NRC and the CAA sparked violence and the agitations on December 18 to 19 this year spoiled all the excitement, pleasant mind setup and enjoyment of this running period this year.
It had been the first time in Uttar Pradesh when violence arsons and brickbatting had been reported every area of the state and more than 19 people were killed; and the injured counts reached to the 500 including 282 police personals.
However no curfew has been clamped in Uttar Pradesh, but 30 districts of the state including Lucknow have been restricted or snapped from the internet services -- it can't be said less than curfew. More than 5000 crore trading have been affected from the internet services snapping in different areas of the state; lacs of people suffered the crisis of their bread and butter. Whenever the riots or the tension prevailed in the past in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, the curfew had been clampped mere in those areas; but the snapping of Internet in the old Lucknow aftermath of the violent protest, Hazratganj, Cantt, Indira Nagar, Aliganj, Gomti Nagar -- all the areas had to face such type of difficulties. The consumers more than 2.5 lacs of OLA and UBER during this period were deprived of the services.
The services of restaurants like Swiggy and Zomato were remained closed in the wake of the tension. It was first time since the metro started -- its services gave the Lucknow residents – punishment of halt taste during the violent protest.
How much the hatching conspiracy of miscreants behind these protests were successful, how much of propaganda and unawareness played role, how much the political parties like Congress and Samajwadi parties had contributed in sparking of violence and protests, before  going to review on all the questions there is need of looking into the lapses in the alertness of administration -- whatever contemplated during the protests!
It is first time when in the observation it surfaced that the LIU and the intelligence organizations’ inputs worked very weak for the preparation and the alertness in the wake of the protestors and the mass protest. There were seen the police force looked to be like the traffic controllers during the VIP passage on the road.
 The administration was failed in arranging the adequate Police Force in these places after the grant of permissions issued to 41 organizations in different places together in Lucknow on December 19.
Central Reserve Police Force were not deployed during this protests. the lapses in the preparation of administration on next day looked; consequently, the miscreants and goons kept on doing the sabotages and arsons. A little relief in Lucknow was that the schools remained closed in the wake of severe cold in the city on december 18; otherwise, the schools’ children in these violent protest could have faced much difficulties on December 19.
The Yogi government was failed on beginning to deal with the situations. The inexperienced officers, mutual communication gap, the laxity of officers in many districts and the snapped Internet Services for long periods without reasons – all things kept the government in confinement.
 If we say about the state capital, the restrictions over the internet services until evening of December 25 was not lifted in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit in spite of being situation normal. The functionaries in the administration were to say that Yogi’s government was in fear that the Prime Minister, Modi, could have been cognizant of the state’s situation which might have displeased him or it might have been a little mistake in the respect of state government.
 After the initial drawbacks when the state government took the drastic steps to control over the situation, the statement of head of state hurt deeply to the people's expects. The Chief Minister had issued a statement giving the warning to the outrage and violent mob. He said that there would be taken revenge by forfeiting the properties of rioterers. However the Chief Minister said, after correcting the statement, that the rioterers who were indulged in the arsons, the brickbatting and the violence had been identified through the CCTV camera footage.
 The adjustment of damages shall be done by forfeiting the properties of the accused, but very sharp reactions were observed on the word ‘revenge’ in the statement. Many Muslims’ organisation as well as the elites who said this statement was an undemocratic, and besetting CM in questions, asked how a head of elected government  could have talked of revenge from anyone. The political reactions on this statement voiced up. Samjwadi party chief said that as the chief of state talks about taking revenge, the talks of slogans ’Sabka Sath, and Sabka Vishwas’ should be shut up. Even the congress party had dubbed the statement a tarnishing the dignity of the democracy and the constitution, and asked the CM to apologise. Akhilesh  Yadav asked that who talked about revenge with the public, what good would that government be?
Now the government has begun its action to forfeit the properties of accused. A few shops in Firozabad Muzaffarnagar Bijnor Lucknow districts have been sealed. The state governments have arrested more than 925 people on the charges of the sabotages and the violence so far, and the cases have been registered against the people under section 313.
Moreover the 5558 accused in the past were taken in custody under detention. 120 of these are such people who have been arrested for the propaganda through social media.
If we talk about social media, the cases against 16761 posts in UP have been registered. 7573 twiters,9076 face book and 172 Youtubes profiles have been deleted yet. Identifying the people's faces, who were indulge in the arson and violence, are being advertised so that they could be captured. Several operations are being carried out in search of rioterers.
 The forthcoming days are the fiery ordeal to the state government. On the one hand it is to work to maintain the law and order situation, on the other the action is to be taken against the arsonists and the violent protests, and that the action must be in the purview of law, not of revenge is to take care of this view too.
However, OP Singh, DGP of state, have directed that there should not be any action without any evidence during the investigation and there must not be any torment of any innocents, but the backbiting began to overhear that the state police look much influenced to the CM’s 'revenge' statement.
As to confirm the revenge, the notices of recoveries are being served to the accused in many cities of the state, but the administration and the police have to take care that the time aftermath of violence is most sensitive. A little bit the conduct of government became uneven, the public’s resentment what is now seen against the rioters and outrageous may spurt against the revenge policy.

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