We have no place for violence and fear in our heart: Priyanka Gandhi in Lucknow

Pryanka Gandhi on the occassion of 135st foundation day celebration at UPCC Lucknow

Congress general secretary, Pryanka Gandhi Vadra, has compared the union government and the UP government equivalent to the British rule. She said on Saturday this week at UPCC Lucknow that those men have taken possession of power whom we had fought during the independent.
She said on the occasion of organized 135th foundation day program in UPCC, “There are crises in the country. The uprising voice against the government is tuning from every corner of the country. The government is intending to quell it by repression and fear. Whenever such problems were created, Congress stands-up to face the challenge. We have no place for violence and fear in our heart.”

She said, “Those men in the country whom we have always clashed historically are in power today. We are fighting with that concept even today that we had fought during independent.” She adds that the BJP makes law against constitution and then repress the protesters. The people’s murders were committed in many parts of the country including Uttar Pradesh and who could not be killed, were sent jail.
She said targeting the union government, “who fears, either that one shuts up the mouth of its enemy by violence or go back. The BJP repressed the public voice by the cowardice and violence way, now it is going back that we did not speak on the NRC, but we have talk about the NPR.’ Pryanka said that every religions and castes people became the martyrs in the freedom fighting of India – all the bloods of these are in the land of the country and none can separate them from the land.

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