Who are the arsonists...? They can be identified with their wears: Modi Jharkhand

It is first time after implementing of citizenship amendment bill in Loksabha PM Modi broke his silence over the agitation. He dubbed Congress responsible. He has said that no one likes to listen the talks of Congress leaders so they are aggressive with arson and violence.
PM Modi said in his address in a rally held in Dumka Jharkhand over the demonstrations protest against CAB, “ Our parliament brought changes regarding citizenship so that the residents of neighboring countries; namely, Hindu, Sikh, Christians, Parsis Baudh and Jains can be able to achieve the citizenship of our country. Both of the houses passed the bill with the majority and consensus – the Congress and its allies are raising storm over citizenship law. Who are the arsonists...? They can be identified with their wears.”
PM was to say, “Congress and its allied, our opposer, 'if you could understand, do understand' – the country is seeing your all activities and the country’s confidence is going to be affirmative that Modi and the country’s parliament saved the country after having made citizenship bill.”
PM Modi praised the people of Assam and Northeast. He said,  “ I, Assam and Northeastern’s brothers and sisters, am getting warmth welcome. They have set aside all the violence intending people…  what the behavior Northeastern and Assamees are doing – are respecting the country’s dignity, and telling their complaints are also a democracy.”

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