Bus caught fire after collision in UP kills 50 people

More than 50 people apprehended killed in a bus when it caught fire after collision with a truck on Friday night this week.
According to report, a bus was running on GT road near Ghiloy village rammed into a truck and after this drift it caught fire.
The present eyewitnesses on the spot told about the incident that a private bus which had aboarded more than 60 passengers who were going from Gursahayganj (Kannauj) to Jaipur collide with a truck.
After the collision its fuels tank caught fire which trapped the bus into an intense flame.
Mere 10 of the passengers could anyhow  narrowly escaped and the rest of them were inside the bus; the screaming sounds for the rescue was coming out, but the bus was in flame before the people of near by areas.
District Magistrate and the SSP Kannauj had reached to the spot with the rescue team after the CM Yogi's immediate taking cognizance of this accident.
According to the report, CM Yogi has ordered for the every possible help of treatment and the other needful assistance to be provided to the victims who got in trap of this accident.

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