No way to withdraw CAA: Union Home Minister in rally at Lucknow

Mr Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, was addressing a rally organized under the public awareness campaign all over the country by the BJP in support of CAA at Ram Katha Park near Bangla Bazar in state capital of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday this week.
The Union Home Minister, Mr Amit Shah, attacked over the opposition parties protesting the CAA. He said that the opposition is blind-folded because of vote bank. According to PTI, he was addressing an awareness rally in support of CAA in Lucknow and said that it is not law of deprived the citizenship but is to provide. He was to say, "Whoever wants to carry on protest, keep on it, but the CAA is not going to be withdrawn." He challenges to the oppositions parties for the debate on CAA. He said, "There is propaganda against the CAA that Muslims shall lose their citizenship. I have come to say him to find the public forum who dares; I am get ready to discuss it."
The CAA provides the easiest provision to provide the citizenship to the non-Muslims immigrant from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan to India.The CAA is facing tough protest in many part of country. Amit Shah said that no part of the CAA cease the citizenship of any citizen. He was to say, “There are being arranged Dharna and being spilt violence which is incorrect.” He added that the BJP’s public awareness campaign is a campaign against the conspirators of breaking country by propagandizing against this law.
Amit Shah attacked Congress including other opposition parties protesting the CAA. He said, “When there were killed crore of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh because of religion, where were you then? 5 lacs of Pundits were displaced from the Kashmir, but these parties uttered even a no word. Today PM Narendra Modi has given the chance to begin a new chapter of their life of long persecuted people.”

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