People are on road; arrogant is not hearing them:Ajay Kumar Lallu, president UPCC

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Mr Ajay Kumar Lalu, UP State Congress President targeted the BJP by the scathing attack over the Amit Shah's rally. He said’ “The home minister is in trap of ego of power; he is speaking the tongue of dictator; whether the section 144 is mere for the people -- BJP, do reply to the public; the egoist government is in no mood to hear and nor it is in mood to see the reality. When will Amit Shah  speak over the issues like the women security, the law and order, the price hike, the corruption, the unemployment, the worsen condition of peasants and the declining economy in great fiasco?"
Condemning over the country's constitution blown, he said where the state government, terming the peaceful protest by women against the NRC and the CAA at Lucknow Clock Tower, is illegal; on the other hand it is registering the FIR against them in many serious criminal sections; the situation so worsen that the BJP is shutting down the public toilets to end the demonstration using the police force. How much they may be affronted is shameful?
He raised objection that when the people go on protest peacefully in Lucknow, the police force of Yogi Adityanath makes reference of section 144. Which police station is in the state capital where the FIR against Amit Shah is to be registered today? The state public is keen to know it.
Whether the law enforcement is for the people only? Whether the Home Minister of country is not in purview of law? He said that the law like the CAA is against the spirit of constitution of India. It is a conspiracy to change the constitution of India into the federal legislation. The congress party, at any cost, shall not let die the spirit of constitution of India.
 He added that it is a Nagpuriyan agenda. Any law against our culture of sharing the martyrdom, the heritage and the secularity of our constitution shall not be accepted by the people of country.
He said that Amit Shah should be aware that the country is never led by the arrogant language and nor it shall be in future. Our culture is to hear all voice; to speak about all. The dictatorship's tongue is being counter by the people on the road, but the arrogants are not looking at and nor they are hearing the clamour. The countrymen are at the crossroad to save the constitution.

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