SP chief scolded doctor during talk with bus victims in hospital

Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Akhilesh Yadav when he was talking to the aggrieved, was cross argued by a doctor.   It was his visit to hospital where a bus which had caught fire after the collision on Sunday last week in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh and the victims were under treatment here. Mr Yadav scolded the doctor on Tuesday this week.
Don’t interfere here because of being a government servant. You cannot take the government favour. Your post is of lower officer… and is of much lower post of government servant. Maybe you are from RSS, or from the BJP.
You cannot say what he is saying… go of step back…go away… shunt out from here.
While the BJP took it like a misbehave of Mr Akhilesh with the doctors on duty and termed it a frustration of defeat in the election. The UP BJP spokesperson said, “He should have praised the doctors’ work, not to scold talking in arrogant way… it’s a high flow of Akhilesh Ji.”

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