Who is civil referee in city of Nawabs?

Yogi Adityanath, CMUP, termed police commissioner system in Lucknow and Gautambudh Nagar is a big step in police reform in the past 50 years. CM said that the population above 10 lacs confers the commissioner system as mentioned in police act but there was no political spirit of implementing so far so it could not be resulted in this way. It is correct that Yogi Government has done big experiment in the wake of police reform, but how much it shall affirmative and how much it shall control the crime in the two districts of the state involves many questions too.
The new system shall bring a big change of the kind that the police commissioner, the post is ADG level officer, shall hold hold many important powers under the IPC and the CrPC. The officers of commissioner level in new system as police commissioner, Additional Police Commissioner, Dy Commissioner of police and Assistant Commissioner of police -- all have been conferred the legal power of magistrate under the 15 regulations. Gunda Act, the prison and jail regulation, the fire service act, toxic act etc have been of exercising powers to these officers. However the arms act and the issuance of arms license have not been vested in the power of these officers.
The police commissioner after holding these powers shall now be more powerful than not be the associate officer of like the district magistrate in old system. There had been a big tussle for the implementing the commissnery system between the IPS and the IAS cadre. Being the most influential in government the IAS cadre got this system implementing slipped long time. Unofficially many IPS and IAS officers admit it.
Even the former IPS officer are praising openly the decision of Yogi Government, on the other hand many former IAS officers are raising question too. They think that the system shall enhance the police power, but it may disbalance too the powers at the district level. They say whatever the people convey, communicate or talk through the district magistrate to the government may create a discontinuity. The former chief secretary, Yogendra Narain, says that if there took any failure under civil aspect at the police level, the DM always used to represent on the spot as a delegate of government in the district. After the implementation of new system the communication or talk shall not be as earlier was. He says wherever this system in the districts has been implemented; it has not brought any big changes yet there.
Another former chief secretary, Alok Ranjan too, did not admit this new system a big changer. He say that the present system is not better than the DM and the SSP system, the old do have better 'Check and the Balance' which is not possible in the commissioner system. Another former IAS officer say, “it is correct to this extent that single IPS officer was controlling the law and order in Lucknow so far now 14 IPS shall control it, but this shall give the advantages in the ideal condition.if these 14 officers shall work earnestly with the commissioner, then O.K. – but in the state it is in tradition that the every officer has its own god father. If such condition kept on bickering, on every matter 12 to 14 mind set up shall support their interests. It’s an experiment; the forthcoming time shall prove clearly the entire situation.
However IPS lobby is very much please with the decision of Yogi Government. Former DGP, Arvind Jain, with no hesitation, says, “It’s a historical decision. The decision could not be implemented under the pressure of IAS lobby. We have to uphold that the time is to overcome from the police act 1861.” The former DGP and now the BJP leader, Brijlal says that “the decision has broken the legend that the commissioner system in Lucknow cannot be implemented.” The former DGP, KL Gupta praising CM Yogi Adityanath says that, “I shall greet Chief Minister Ji that he took a bold step. The matter is in pending since 1977. If the system had been implemented in the 71 cities of the different states, why it should not be in the UP?”
Mr Vikram Singh, another former DGP of UP, says ahead, “it is not less than a revolution. We pay our gratitude to CM Ji. Several commissions had recommended this system. After the implementation it will assist public convenience amply.”
But the former IAS officer, SP Singh, sees it in different way, “Propagandizing it by IPS officers as a win of achievement in rights struggle is beyond from my understanding. Where a SSP commanded whole district of Lucknow so far, the 14 IPS officers shall be in half of the city in new system; namely, every two police stations shall be in control of an IPS officer. It means that the importance of CO and the SHO shall be abridged.we want to see it that the decision of CM shall enhance the police efficiency or the insult of IAS cadre. We will review the decision after 6 months.
Some of the analysts are not agreed upon this change to be characterised as the IPS-IAS rift. They feel that it should be seen in the way of reforms, but the political parties are seeing it from the political angle. Samjwadi party said it a stunt of diverting the public heed. Congress said it bogus and Mayawati gave advice to the government to work by overcoming from the party base politics. She said mere changing the system in a few cities cannot maintain law and order.
Exactly before this change police commissioner system was announced to commence in Kanpur during 1976-77, but it could not implemented. IPS and PPS association had sent its proposal many times to government. Eventually the governor, Ram Nike, on September 27, 2018 recommended implementing this system to the big cities Lucknow, Kanpur, and Ghaziabad above 20 lacs population like pilot project, the government too was looked serious on this issue.
The commissioner system shall provide easiest way to take action against the encroachers, gangsters and the goons, and give many advantages like clamping of section 144, and curfew, but the fearsome people feel that the aggrieved person can make their access to the DM. Because there were no fear of detaining or of being tortured; but how shall the men will tell the agony by going to an IPS officer when he cannot courage to go to police station? why the faith lacking prevailed among the people, one of the basic cause also can be said that the police make collusion with local influential persons and the cases of torture and crime against them are not registered under the pressure of high hands. The behavioral atmosphere in the police station and in the collector office is fully different -- the first creates a fear paradigm in the aggrieved person; the later encourages them to convey its pang to the civil officers.
They feel that new system is nothing more than the fulfilling of sentimental old demand of the police officials and if the character of police and its working system were not overhaul with the implementing, there are no advantages of it. 
The Yogi Government is in power today on the issues of law and order, but NCRB status reveals that the state government was failed to improve the situation on the issue. The gross crimes count registered in the state in 2018 had been 5,85157 which is 12 per cent of the crimes in the country. The crime against women had been at the top counting 59445 in the Uttar Pradesh. The economic crimes record reveals 14.6% at the top in the Uttar Pradesh.The crimes against urban women in UP the Lucknow is on the 4th place.
More than 3000 encounters on the name of law and order front in spite of being no solid control is showing a big phase of turning into the weakness of Yogi Government. The reason behind it is the working culture of police and its political patronage. The Yogi government exactly after the taking power tried to change the condition. In the starting days Yogi himself, the CM, looked at  the inspection, cleansing in the police station, giving the drinking water with the molasses to the aggrieved person  on several occasions, but the corrupted police system swallowed his ethics as whole. The new police system shall be able to show its effect or like the other programmes shall it be output that will be proved later, yet there are the greetings going on by the police officers to tell CM it a revolutionary step! 

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