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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Justice ordered against hate speech faces result of transfer move

By on Thursday, February 27, 2020

 NK Dutt;New Delhi
Justice, S Murlidhar, has been transferred to the high court of Punjab and Haryana. Justice Muralidhar is the judge of High Court Delhi who had reprimanded the Union Government and Delhi Police over the violence in Delhi this week.He had ordered to lodge the FIR against their hate speeches by the BJP leaders; namely, Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, and Praveh Varma. This violence left dead 27 people.
Justice Murlidhar had heard for the spread violence in Delhi and its victims’ treatment in his home late night on Tuesday this week. He had ordered to Delhi police to provide the security to rush the injured victims from the small hospitals of the prone areas to the other areas hospitals.
According to report, the SC collegiums had recommended the transfer of S Murlidhar J. on Feb 12 this month; the notification has been issued in this connection on Wednesday this week. It said that President Ramnath Kovind has taken this decision after talking over with Chief Justice of Supreme Court Sharad Arvind Bobde.
After the recommendation of collegium, Bar Association of Delhi High Court had gone on strike against this decision on Feb 20. It had protested the transfer of Murlidhar J. by passing a resolution. it says that the way a senior judge is being transferred is not correct. According to BBC, Mohit Mathur, Bar Association’s President, stated, “Justice Murlidhar is on 3rd place in seniority list of Delhi High Court. If a senior most Judge is transferred, you ought to transfer him by making Chief Justice of any state, but you are sending him on same post.”
The Congress has also put the central government in the dock on the transfer of Justice Muralidhar. Party leader Randeep Surjewala said that as a bench headed by Justice Muralidhar held the BJP leaders and the government responsible for the violence in Delhi, he was transferred from the Delhi High Court in the same night. Would that god, they could have caught the miscreants with this intensity. So hasty could they catch the rioters.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Woman journalist in jail barrack with Satyagrahi in UP

By on Thursday, February 20, 2020

I had never thought during my 31 years of life that I shall address you from the jail. It is the 5th day of my jail period in Ghazipur UP. The 4 days experience of women cell of jail is much more lessoning. It is the learning about the country and about me too.
Reading the experiment with the truth by Gandhi these learnings become more condensed. I see that the changing of rulers does not much change the rule if the intention of rulers did not change. This thing is not being said for a party or in connection with the government.
Arresting of 10 onfoot-journeymen including even a journalist are jailed shows what type of ruler's intention are eventually? If our onfoot journey may endanger breaching of peace in the state or the country,  should not there have considered over this question how much weak is the peace of the state?
More than 40 women are in the two barracks in the jail while mere 6 prisoners can accommodate in a barrack. Even the officer of this jail accepts that there is the shortage of amenities. Maximum women are in captivity of dowry harassment cases. Even a few of them are those whose cases are under trial for the past five years, but there is no decision yet. Five years kept in jail, without being a culprit? Unless the crime is proved, they all are not culprit. If let the captive by the court are acquitted declaring them innocents, who will return them their five precious years?
A few of the women are here, whose bail have been granted; but none are who file their bail-bond. Whose responsibility is of these?  Is it of none? You will see such India inside the jail which is extremely helpless. These women see me with full of expectation.They seem that I shall do something better for them. They say just as you are kept in jail without an offence we all are here. If a woman is telling the truth, it is the unsuccess of our justice system.
You all are well familiar with the tardy justice system, but this motionless affects how them, they can understand much how violent and inhuman are this.
There is the need to work on the cases of daughter-in-laws to be killed or committing suicide especially.
There is the need of exact counseling. Becoming no mutual harmony among the families can carry them on which verge.
6 of a family members are in jail; one of them lost his life. The little children loss their future and the hefty fees are to be given to the lawyers; mostly non education and lack of knowledge creates the odd conditions. The lawyers, the police and the employees are not trained in this way that the justice should be delivered earliest in the least damages and the things should be dealt by the mediation.
Gandhi writes about his lesson learnt from his first case in Pritoria: ‘I learnt the true advocacy; learnt to extract bright side of human behavior; learnt to go in the heart of human.I could know that the counsel’s duty is to fill the ditch between Furican. This lesson deepen a root in my inner self that the maximum time period of my 20 years advocacy profession passed in my office to conciliate the hundreds of cases. I lost nothing in it—mere money was in deficit that cannot be said, but not lost the spirit."
Our advocates, officers and the employees working in the administration all have the need to learn from this. An incident of yesterday is to mention here. Mr Afzal Ansari, MP of this constituency, came to meet Satyagrahi. Women prison cell barrack was also messaged that he would go there. All the women of barrack in the terse abusive language were ordered that the cloths were being dryered hanging on pegged woods in the craters between the bricks of walls should be removed immediately; my cloths were too there. There were no system of cloth drying. My cloths too were removed, but the MP did not come inside. I was taken to the police superintendent office to meet with them. Mr MP lodged the objection to accommodates me in this way like other captives. He instructed him to provide the amenities separately. He sends all the bed stuff for me from outside, but what for other prisoners?
No amenities are available in the barracks. There is no bathroom to bathe in 12-A. you can bathe in open. The stuff that is brought to the captives’ home from their closeone, or their cloths in plastic bags are supported by hanging on pegs in the wall. There is no almirah or lockers. There is no breakfast daily morning. the two buns and the grams each interval of two days in a week and remaining other days provision are tea.
Such type of muddle I thinks to be in the maximum jails. One more problem what I am able to see here is that is the conversation. There is no quick transit of communication to the captives waiting the bail or other information in the jail. Next day, unless the family members does not reach to them, they swing in the pool of hope and doubts; weeps. I feels this time a big need to reform in the jail improvement and the judicial systems.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Hungry halt at Ghazipur jail, 10 bare hands Satyagrahi are on march

By on Monday, February 17, 2020

Now at the time when we are writing this letter, we of the nine, Satyagrahi, are in the district jail Ghazipur in Eastern UP, barrack No 10 and one female companion journalist, in women barrack. without knowing it what offence we did? -- how many more days district administration will keep us in the jail?; consequently, we all Satyagrahi have decided to go on hunger strike.
We have forsaken our food since Feb13.
It is to inform that we all Satyagrahi with the message of  love, integrity, harmony and fraternity by Gandhi Ji were out on march for 'Nagrik Satyagrah Padyatra' from Chaouri Choura (Gorakhpur) to Rajghat (Delhi) since feb 2.
Having completed our 200 kilometers journey via Mau, Azamgarh, Devaria, from Gorakhpur we all reached in the district Ghazipur.
We were arrested in the presence of heavy police force at the cross section of Sultanpur under Virno police station.
The sparked violence during the  agitation for and against the CAA and the NRC had killed 23  and injured hundreds of people.
It becomes our duty in such condition that we all must stand with those 23 families including all the affected families in the country.
We shall have to maintain Gandhi's Ahimsa, love, harmony among the society in response of the growing  mutual divisive and hatred concept among the society and the country.
Together we shall have to challenge our own self Ahimsa and the fear.
We pose the question to the government that which type of risk the government felt from these 10 bare hands youth whom they lifted and jailed during the journey.
Priyesh, Neeraj, Raj, Sheshnarain, Anant, Atul,Ravindra, Murari, Manish, Pradeepika.

Monday, February 10, 2020

India's division pleased me: K Natwar Singh, former Foreign Minister

By on Monday, February 10, 2020

NK Dutt; New Delhi
K Natwar Singh, former Foreign Minister and the congress leader, has said in a programme that he is pleased on the division of India.He added that if there had not been division of India, Muslim League would have not let run the country. Natwar Singh said so on the occasion of a book launching programme.  ‘Gandhi’s Hinduism: The struggle against Jinnah Islam’ by MJ Akbar releasing ceremony was hosted at the residence of former president, Pranab Mukherjee.
The former minister Natwar Singh said, “I am please that India was divided because if India had not been divided, we would have to face more ‘Direct Action Day’. Muhammad Ali Jinnah had called for 'Direct Action Day' by demanding the division of India. Exactly after that thousands of people were killed in the violence in Bengal then."
Natwar Singh, expressing his opinion, said about Muslim League that If India had not been divided; our government would have been weakened within a week because of Muslim league. He said Gandhi was great and Jinnah was complicated person. Natwar Singh said, “The character base paradigm of Gandhi was high and Jinnah was tough in behavior… whom I could not have stayed with him.”

Monday, February 03, 2020

108 members of PFI arrested in last 4 days

By on Monday, February 03, 2020

108 members of Popular Front of India have been arrested by UP Police in the past 4 days in the allegation of protesting CAA. This stern action came after the police had arrested already 25 PFI men. The PFI because of being violent protest against CAA the UP government has sent a proposal to Union Home Ministry to be banned so.
UP Additional Chief Secretary Home, Awanish Awasthi, told journalist on Monday this week, “ 108 members of PFI have been arrested in the last 4 days. It is an unending start, we will deep ditch it and shall investigate where they were being funded. We are in touch with the central investigative agencies.” The acting DGP, Hitesh Chandra Awasthi, told that 108 members of PFI in the last 4 days for their roles in the violence have been arrested; 14 from Lucknow, 16 from Bahraich, 3 from Sitapur, 21 from Meerut, 9 in Ghaziabad, 6 from Muzaffarnagar, 7 from Shamli, 4 from Bijnor, 20 from Varanasi, 5 from Kanpur, one each in Gonda, Hapur and Jaunpur.
When it was asked whether the state police is in touch with the ED for the economic assistance add to the PFI, He replied, “ we are collecting the evidence and are in touch with the many agencies including ED. We shall discuss and share over this issue after a correct time.” Mr Awasthi claimed that the UP is the first state where the stern action has been taken against the PFI so quick.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

One more Hindu leader is prey of killers

By on Sunday, February 02, 2020

A Hindu leader again became the prey of miscreants in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. According to the information, the UP President of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha, Ranjit Bachchan, was killed when he was on stroll in morning on Sunday this week. Two motorbike borne assailants intercepted Mr Bachchan when he was on morning stroll near Globe Park, and they pumped bullet in his head.
DCP central, Mr Dinesh Singh, has confirmed this murder incident. He told that the unidentified assailants have shot at Mr Ranjeet Bachchan, Police investigation is going on.
Joint Commissioner, Naveen Arrora, told that the assailants were enshrouded with shawl halted Mr Ranjeet from back and snatched his cellphone. The assailants whipped out the pistol and shot at him. Ranjeet died on the spot. The investigation is going on. The CCTV footages are being monitored. It is hoped that it will give some leads in this incident. 6 teams of police have been deployed on investigation.
Ranjeet Bachchan was the SP worker. He was allotted residence in OCR building during the SP government. Some time ago an FIR by his wife against him had been registered in Gorakhpur. Ranjeet and his wife both’s exit went on morning walk separately. Police commissioner has deployed 6 police teams to investigate this case.