Hungry halt at Ghazipur jail, 10 bare hands Satyagrahi are on march

Now at the time when we are writing this letter, we of the nine, Satyagrahi, are in the district jail Ghazipur in Eastern UP, barrack No 10 and one female companion journalist, in women barrack. without knowing it what offence we did? -- how many more days district administration will keep us in the jail?; consequently, we all Satyagrahi have decided to go on hunger strike.
We have forsaken our food since Feb13.
It is to inform that we all Satyagrahi with the message of  love, integrity, harmony and fraternity by Gandhi Ji were out on march for 'Nagrik Satyagrah Padyatra' from Chaouri Choura (Gorakhpur) to Rajghat (Delhi) since feb 2.
Having completed our 200 kilometers journey via Mau, Azamgarh, Devaria, from Gorakhpur we all reached in the district Ghazipur.
We were arrested in the presence of heavy police force at the cross section of Sultanpur under Virno police station.
The sparked violence during the  agitation for and against the CAA and the NRC had killed 23  and injured hundreds of people.
It becomes our duty in such condition that we all must stand with those 23 families including all the affected families in the country.
We shall have to maintain Gandhi's Ahimsa, love, harmony among the society in response of the growing  mutual divisive and hatred concept among the society and the country.
Together we shall have to challenge our own self Ahimsa and the fear.
We pose the question to the government that which type of risk the government felt from these 10 bare hands youth whom they lifted and jailed during the journey.
Priyesh, Neeraj, Raj, Sheshnarain, Anant, Atul,Ravindra, Murari, Manish, Pradeepika.

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