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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Killing of two Sadhus in UP resented among saints' community

By on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

SK Tomar: Bulandshahr
Resented over Palghar killings of Sadhus in Maharashtra mob lynching, the Saints community reacted in tough way after another killings of two Sadhus in Bulandshahr in UP on Monday night and condemned it. The community has asked the centre and the state government to look the matter, set up an investigation and got it well scrutinize.
All India Akhada Council has said that the chief minister of state is also a saint, in such condition it is necessary that the saints and sage of his state and the maths and temples must be protected every hour.
Swami Vasudevanand saraswati member of Ramjanam Bhumi Tirth Trust has expressed his doubt of a big hatched conspiracy behind these killings.
He added that two Sadhus were killed in Palghar, then attacked in Punjab and now another killings of two Sadhus in Bulandhshahr. It seems a big conspiracy behind these murders. He said that the union government should set up a high level investigation in this matter and take proper action, otherwise the saints self shall decide the destiny after the ending of lockdown.
Mahant Mahendra Giri said over the murder of two sadhus in Bulandshahr that the murder has taken place in the night; the things are coming out that the slain Sadhus had reprimanded someone for the theft charge of a long pincer does not seem worth of hugging reasons behind this murder.
CM Yogi get it investigated. However Mahant Narendra Giri has said that the incident angle should not be looked link with Palghar murder. Both incidents are absolute different. He said wherever the shelter home, Math-temple in the towns and the villages- all should be in security watch; the places and the saints should be kept in security.
It is to tell that the two Sadhus were murdered in throat slit latenight in a Shiv temple on way of Shikarpur in Pagona village under Anupshahr police station in Bulandshahr district on Monday this week.
The suspected accused was caught by villagers and after manhandling was handed over to police.
Garib Das alias Jagan Das, resident of Bhadesi Ashram Aligarh, and his deciple Sher Singh alias Seva Das, resident of village Kanora under Chhatari police station of Bulandshahr, were care taking by living in temple.
Murari alias Raju son of Devisahay, a villager, had allegely lifted Sadhus’pincer on Monday. Having gone to Raju’s home, both Sadhus had expressed their displeasure over this misconduct; consequently, Raju allegedly slit by sharp edge weapon the throats of both Sadhus in the night.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Harmoney has no creed and religion

By on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Next day of lockdown 2 extension till May 3rd to curb the pandemic spreading, I had understood that the labourers who were surviving with their families on daily wages were in big trouble then.
Since all the economic activities had been halt under this nationwide shut down for the past 21 days, their saved fistful of cash in hands might have zeroed, and they would not be in position to satiate their hunger by other means.
In a sceptical mind, I wake up early in morning of Wednesday last week and went out for a walk while I would have seldom or never woke up in morning for the past 6 months.
I walked 500 meters and arrived infront of a shanty on roadside.
A man 70 years old was inside space to clean up it. I spoke him... Bhaijaan... Ram...Ram.... the man's voice came Ram... Ram.... His face was not towards me so he was not able to reckoned me.
It had passed about 7 years since I had met him, but I knew him during my school days... it was the year of 1986, my   ghetto dwelling shanty was at roadside near the trisections of this place, and I used to study here daily.
To tell you the truth I had born here. My parent used to live in this shanty unless my mother's parent left the home where my family is now residing after my parent deaths. 
My elder brother had completed his post graduation (MSc Physics) from  this place to University of Lucknow.
A man had begun his bicycles and riksaw repairing ploy on roadside culvert and after he had established his shop.
This repairing man who had come with my brother in law was from Maskunwa, a station in eastern UP under district Gonda.
 Bhaijaan would come to repair his ricksaw and my proximity to Bhaijaan was because of my rising puberty and he used to carry the school girls to thier schools and colleges by his ricksaw.
He was elder than I and I could not garner the courage to confess any of my colourful day dreams. Mostly I used to continue my study, but for short refreshment I used to talk with this Mistry who always   did the kidding with me, and meanwhile if Bhaijaan used to come there for a short stay, I   talked him.
He often used to offer me to have a cup of tea, and i pleasantly accept it.
He was unaware of my crave, but in his view I was a gentle and studious boy then.
In 1981 when my father died in brain cancer, my all dependency was over my mother and the elder brother.
My father was in government service, so after completion of my intermediate I joined the service on compensation ground as a junior clerk.
 Since then I could not spare time amply, say to truth the gentry had changed and I began to talk with my compering status.
Ever at anon on roadside pavement Bhaijaan used to a vacant look at me in eloquent way while ricksaw pulling and my smile gave him respect.
My frequent visit to this small home had been occasional.
In the year 2008 when this was removed by Lucknow municipal corpoartion including all the shanties errected in one kilometere along the roadside, my visit to this place became random.
On the name of encroachment this removal surprised me and I investigated  the cause behind through my sources, I found that a local  leader of a political party and its gang were involved this erasing.
The chairman of PAC in then Union Government was to visit in a marriage ceremony held to this leader's home and the gang having taken the benefit of this visit to satiate their rivalary they made all erased.
Anyway had these homeless nothing to where they would have gone, they again erected shanties and began to live there.
We found local corporator's interest too; even he did not fail to demolish partially the old temple while he had won the election of that party ticket, which is known the protectors of temples by its tenet.
I should not discuss these facts to this story, and should talk about Bhaijaan who was cleaning his home in shanty.
Still his livelyhood is earned by ricksaw pulling. He has a bank account only where he has some money.
He told me that he met with Kallu hotel Walle for some rice and flour which were being distributed to the destitutes provisioned by Government during this pandemic Covid-19.
Kallu hotel owner is the man who had funded and supported the corporator who was involved in the shanty removed allegely from roadside although he is not now corporator and has been defeated in the municipal election in the district.
Kallu have distributed this government assistance to the local residents by choosing them discriminated; and Bhaijaan had tried three times, but Bhaijaan request was not enough to make Kallu listen.
Solemnly I hear whole narration of this real story... and gave him some money and asked him call me whenever he would feel any such trouble, or come to my home.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Lucknow Christian Degree College Principal dies of cardiac arrest

By on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sitting in my room, when my younger brother (Studying in Christian College) told me,”Bade Bhai Christian College Ke Principal Ke Death Ho Gyi Hai”, I was finishing my society documents; It was the Friday evening of April 24.
''Principal Of LCDC died.'' I asked him to confirm if the news was wrong.
He told me all of his friends have posted RIP on their social wall for Principal sir.... It was unbelievable message for me so I asked him to confirm it from the staff of his College.
He told,” I tried to call many times but no reply from other side which I called to.” 
I said wait for a minute I’m confirming it, I’d called my Statistics lecturar, Dr. Raghuvendra Singh, who confirmed the Principal’s  death news was true. 
I packed my media bag and moved towards Christian College while India has been observing Lockdown 2 till May 3rd. Gola Ganj is 7 KM away from my home and the different places on road have been sealed with barricades and heavy Police men have been deployed to make the home quarentine of people complied. 
The pandemic's fatalities resulted so far worrisome but the Principal's death is the caused of his prolong ailment.  
When I reached in Campus every staff members who were living near and inside Campus were present there. They all had tears in their eyes.
Most of the teachers who had taught me during Graduation were not present there; so, I asked one of the employee,”why other employees are not here.” He told me, due to Lockdown of Corona Virus, no body join this tearful last rite.
One of the employee said he was Iron fist, none of the Principal was able to remove the mafia trap of this college.
He fought against those rascals and made environment clean for the students. I don’t want,”Christian College again get trapped by these filthy peoples.”
Family members of Principal were in grief and pain. When I asked one of his family member, where will the funeral be performed? He told me our home town is in Allahabad, funeral will be done in our home town cemetry. 
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Audit of Corona virus spreading in India

By on Saturday, April 25, 2020

A few doctors of a big hospital of Doguan city of China on December 2, 2019 were in a sceptical mind and worrisome. The reason of this was a doctor who had been admitted after the complaint of high fever and cough. It was notice after diagnosis that the doctor had chest infection which had caused pneumonia.Corona virus infections were never seen before this case. This doctor was the first patient to go for treatment in hospital against this virus.
The deaths toll had risen to 9 in China by this infection till December 22.  After it had spilt out fast, the world noticed it; consequently the fatalities count reached 213 till December 213 and 9692 people were in its grip.
The first case came in India since one month. The patient was a student from Trichur who was the student of university of Wuhan in China and he had returned to his native land a few days ago.then report came that the government had put 400 people under monitoring. Two more case were reported from the state a dew days later. It was dated 2 or 3 February.Both cases were from the kerla and were the students of Wuhan university where they were gripped in the infection from. Trio were treated by quarantine separately and they got healthy.
A few days ago, World Health Organisation in view of health had declared Corona virus infection an International Emergency on 30 January. It had done before mere 5 times earlier. Later one day or so to say on 31 January, Italy too had declared national emergency for Corona virus meanwhile our neibouring nation’s death toll had gone up to 350. Even the news of preparing 1000 beds hospital was in headlines of the world.  The India in the wake of this news cancelled all the running Visa of the foreign citizen who visited China during the two weeks including all the Chinese citizens on February 4.
The news of Corona virus.There was to cast votes in Delhi Assembly election. All politicians were watching it. The contest was between BJP led Union government and the Delhi led AAP. it was that time when  there were going on a big protest against CAA and NRC in different part of India including Shaheenbagh. PM Modi was telling that Shaheenbagh was not a coincidence but an experiment. The BJP leader Anurag Thakur was getting public shouted slogan to shoot the traitors and the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal was chanting Hanuman Chalisa. mere political news was going on in country.
It was the beginning second week of February the first day of this week, or to say the February 8, death toll in China had risen to 722 and here in india the people in Delhi were franchising their votes. The result was declared on January 11 and the winning of APP was the prime report of the news; it was the day when the fatalities in China had reached to 1000. The WHO was constantly warning to the world that the exit of Crona virus from China to other nations meant facing a big disaster and the human being try enough to overcome that the pandemic should not be out of control
Indian government was to say that there is no need to worry. Union Health Minister, Harshwardhan’s statement was that there should not be panic from Corona Virus;   the Medicines and Mask, Gloves -- all the needy stuff were in the stock.  even he told that India was self alert and  was exporting the medical supply, equipments and other material to the neibouring nation china. PM Modi had talked on telephone to president Tsi Ginping and had offered to help. Harshwardhan was to say that the thermal Screening was going on at the 12 main and 65 small ports and the airports. However it was acknowledged later that it was not a protective remedy because it might have been that the body temprature of an infected person would remain normal many days. Anyway the second week of February had ended meanwhile.
The death toll had increase in China to 1800 in the start of third week, but no particular commotion were seen in India that had been, and is, sharing 3000 kilometer long border with the China. All the politicians including the people were seen dedicately towards American president Donald Trump’s visit and the preparation for his arrival. Meanwhile the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha merged into the BJP and the chief of this party Babulal Marandi’s welcome back  home were in limelight.
4th week of February was wasted to the violence between the protesters against and the supporters for the CAA and the NRC as well as two days visit of Donal Trump to India. Meanwhile India made agreement of 3 Million dollars defense procurements with the US. The Delhi violence kept on growing and when the situation came to normalcy, more than 50 people lost their lives. The violence was around the world in limelight. The death toll had reached to 3000 in China till this incident.
Numerous thoughts is that when India had a chance to attack on the root of this outbreak disaster like Corona virus, it did nothing during this time or say the month of February passed almost in disarray. Many of them give example of Namaste Trump held in Motera stadium Ahemdabad on February 24 when about1 lac people were present breaking the social or physical distancing
Such allegations got stregnth by this news that India was exporting Protective Equipments (PPE) knowingly of PPE shortage and demand for the safety to the whole world. Actually WHO had warned on 27 February that there were no adequate stock of PPE around the world and the earliest its shortage shall increase. Despite it India took time to stop the export till March 19; consequently Doctors and nurses who kept on demanding frequently the required supply of it from the government  had to pay adversely. Many doctors viraled their video and said that they have been fielded to fight against Pandemic’s battle without resources.
Anyway, it was the beginning of month March. So far there was no sign of Corona cases except three from Kerla in February. This virus knocked second time in the country on 2 March. This attack was not about to go back from the door like previous attempt.
The new cases that surfaced on 2 March -- one of them was from the national capital Delhi, and second one were from Telangana. Both the infected people recently then had returned from the foreign trip. Union Health Minister, Harshwardhan, giving the information,  had said  that there was no need to panic. He was to say that if anyone was observing the symptom of Corona virus, he or she could contact with the officials through the government helpline number.Next day Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had assured the countrymen not to go in panic.
So far the Corona Virus had begun its wicked infection attack in Iran and Italy. The number of cases suddenly in india had rapidly increasing reached to 29. In the same day the congress leader Rahul Gandhi had once again warned the government.

The Health Minister saying that the Indian Govt has the #coronavirus crisis under control, is like the Capt of the Titanic telling passengers not to panic as his ship was unsinkable.

It's time the Govt made public an action plan backed by solid resources to tackle this crisis.

Rahul Gandhi had returned from Italy after 2 weeks visit on 28th February. And after his back to home, he had pointed out a warning in indicative way to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the coronavirus and the crisis that would befall the Indian economy. He was to say that a true leader’s concentration at this hour should be absolutely to prevent the crises, which would affect India and its economy because of virus.
However the most media centres were engage maximum to discuss the confrontation between the government and the opposition for Delhi violence except this thing. The working of parliament house was stalled for many days because of this. In this way the first week of March passed. Meanwhile former prime minister, Manmohan Singh warned that the joining together of social bitterness, economic slowdown and Corona like pandemic are a knock of endangering situation. Even he was to say that the PM Modi should assure to the country in such circumstances.
 A day later prime minister stated targeting on criticisers that the world economy is passing a tough period of different causes, but the Indian economy’s infrastructure is strong.
Second week of March began with the triggered crisis over the Congress led Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh. Jyotiraditya Scindia and his supporter MLAs’ joining of BJP resulted to fall of Kamalnath government in Madhya Pradesh consequently, or As the political stability in Madhya Pradesh was the need to deal with the pandemic in the state, a political upheaval began in  Madhya Pradesh. The gathering of Congress and the BJP’s MLAs until about two week kept on breaking the social distancing during this period. Eventually Kamalnath resigned and on 23rd March, Shivraj Singh Chauhan throned on  as Madhya Pradesh CM for his 4th term.
When so much disturbance was going on in Madhya Pradesh, the Pandemic crises had spilt so widespread at the time that its estimation could be understood that the prime minister Narendra Modi declared Janta curfew and the section 144 in many states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi was imposed. On March 24, Shivraj Singh Government proved its majority in Madhya Pradesh Assembly and the same day Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 21 days lockdown in the country. Madhya Pradesh is ahead of the most affected states with the Corona virus infection.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Meditation and Yoga are the way to live real life

By on Saturday, April 18, 2020

It has been two whole years since I joined Yoga, or to put it fairly, since I found this precious way of living. My life was too messy and I didn't have enough clarity of mind to deal with my problems, which were I assure the reader were a lot.
It was the cold November of 2017, when I first started feeling lost in my life, without a solution for the issues I was facing. I just didn't know what's the right thing to do in such a situation anymore.
It was a crucial time. I was doing my masters in statistics and it was now that I had to decide a lot of critical things, like the field that I wished to choose, the field in which field I wanted put in all my energy and hard work. This was already a confusing phase and suddenly came, my personal life, crashing down like a fighter jet which was shot high in the sky. My father had been in an accident. 
This meant an increased load of responsibility on me, towards my parents. I had to handle the family business and had to play a larger role in the day-to-day affairs of the family. I was in a deep shock,  I didn't have the kind of mental resources to handle this additional bulk of responsibilities. I had to get up early in the morning to attend college, then look after the business, our family's primary source of income, study, and while also tackling the typical problems of a teen's personal life. To handle all this pressure, I turned to food, I started loading myself up with junk food. Oily and spicy foods were now my best friends in life, It became a routine for me to have my dinner outside. I started gaining weight and naturally getting mocked for my rather large body.
It was only when I had gotten a little over a whooping eighty-five kilograms that I started getting worried about my health. That was my bottom, my waist size had reached a 37.5 inches. I was fat.
I didn't have control over my thoughts, my words and I became too aggressive. This version of me was too disturbing for me, and I couldn't concentrate on anything anymore, my classes, the business, I was rude to my friends and I tried to cut myself off. I wanted to find a better me. 
It was around that time when a well-wishing friend told me about a certificate course at the University of Lucknow, a course on Yoga.  I don't know what actually struck me, whether it was the wise words of the friend or my own desperation to save myself, I decided to give it a go. I was quite cheered up by the thought of learning the asana pranayama and about the basics of yogic practices. I started viewing the course as "MY HOPE TO SAVE MYSELF ". I went up to the department and filled up the form. I was informed that my classes will start in December, and so, without patience I waited for the 1st of December. 
I was too excited to attend the class, I remember very well that on the 30th November I went out bought myself, the tracksuit, the most expensive piece of cloth I had ever purchased. The night before the first class I didn't sleep at all, although I was not sleeping well from the last 6 months but that night was different I was so excited for my first "Yoga class". It was a rather cold morning, I wore my tracksuit, hung my mat cover on my shoulder and biked to the university. Filled with positive energy and excitement, I reached the department and to my surprise I found that the doors were closed. I asked the security guard about the same and he kindly told me that, there was a seminar in the department that day, and therefore the classes were suspended, his voice sounded like a broken glass but actually it was my heart which had cracked. I know you're thinking that it's not a big deal, a day's matter, but try to imagine it from the perspective of a broken teenager who believed to have found the solution of all his problems, had waited patiently for that magical day to arrive, for what? Only to find out that it has been postponed, yes it was a big deal for me, yes it did break my heart dear reader.
Anyway, with a certain optimism, I returned the next day with more energy, and I had to wait, I waited outside patiently for 2 hours, in my mind, all sorts of things were going on, is this a signal from the God? Should I divorce the thought of taking up this class? Filled with all sorts of anxiety, I called up the Guruji and he told me that the class was delayed again, and this time, I wasn't told when would it start, he only told me that I'd get a message when it would.
Like a kid who doesn't get a chocolate promised to him, I was upset.
After 2 days, I finally got the message.
I missed the first class, I went to the class on the second day. When I entered, the class the first view was too shocking, because 19 out of 20 students were so fit and strong from their physical appearance. I had thought to run away from the class because all the girls had a perfect figure, even a fifty-five-years old gentleman had a perfect physique. And then there was I, weight more than a ninety kilograms, and waist 38 inches. I started practicing and everything was too difficult for me because I hadn't done any kind of physical work for the past 4 years. However, my flexibility was good. I worked hard to be perfect in my asanas and I used to practice 4-5 hours a day. And those 70-80 days changed my life drastically. After finishing the course I was filled with mirth, I was now a physically fit person.
I joined a coaching institute to prepare for a government job exam. But after some time I realized that I was getting back to my old practices, I was getting too lazy, my mind was working slow and in general, I lacked the energy to do anything. After a repeated episode of suffering, I got the idea to include yoga as a part of my life. I was sure that only this will help me get out of this phase.
I decided to join a Masters program in Yoga.
You can imagine a typical Indian family, everyone was against my decision. I was asked a lot of questions to discourage me from taking up this course, my parents were worried that it will not help me earn, my father wanted me to stick with his business. But I had the feeling that yoga is the best career choice for me and I took the admission in the course. Now in Masters, I got the information about the history of yoga, the philosophy and the application of yoga as therapy. All the Gurujis gave me lots of lessons directly and indirectly. Two of the Gurujis are my favorite, the first one teaches us the 'Philosophy of Yoga' while the other one teaches us the 'Practical aspects of Yoga'. After the exam of the first semester when results were out I was shocked because I was the topper and my senior told me that from many years there have been no male topper in this course. I was passionate about the subject. Luckily, I got so many chances to show my talent in various stages. I performed at one of the biggest events in our city on the occasion of world yoga day.
Now I have started taking a yoga class and I am working on the therapeutic aspect of Yoga. Today I have left behind that terrible phase and Yoga helped me do that.
~ Akash Mishra 
~ buntline123@gmail.com
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Friday, April 17, 2020

Reverse repo rate down to 3.75 percent; banks shall be able to lend more: RBI

By on Friday, April 17, 2020

Where the economy is already facing recession amid the Corona virus hurt, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) made several important announcements? The announcements include an amount of Rs 50 thousand crore for long term repo operations.
RBI chief Shaktikanta Das also said that apart from this, special financial facility of Rs 50 thousand crore will be given to the institutions like NABARD and SIDBI and National Housing Bank. The aim of all these steps is that there must not be shortage of cash in the market for a long time. RBI says that given more circumstances if needed, more cash can also be added to the system.
The RBI has done the reverse repo rate slashing by 25 basis points, to 3.75 per cent. According to the head of the Reserve Bank, Shaktikant Das, the purpose of this exercise is that banks should use the additional funds they have to lend more and more. The reverse repo rate is the interest rate at which the RBI keeps the money of other banks.
A few days ago, the RBI described the Corona virus crisis as a black shadow going to take in its grip the future. The central bank had said in its monetary policy report that the consequences of announced lockdown will directly affect the country's economy. RBI said that due to Kovid-19 (corona virus disease), production, distribution system, business and tourism have been affected all over the world.
Earlier last month, RBI had announced a major slash in the repo rate by 75 basis points. After this biggest cut in RBI history, the repo rate has come down from 5.15 to 4.40 per cent. The reverse repo rate was also reduced by 90 basis points to four percent, which is now facing another cut of 25 basis points.

we have to fight this battle together; no faction on this issue: Rahul Gandhi

By on Friday, April 17, 2020

MP from Kerla, Rahul Gandhi, and former Congress president has said that the decision of nationwide lockdown is like a pause button, which will not help to solve the crisis arising from the Corona Virus. While addressing the media through video conference, he also suggested that the government should increase the testing. Rahul Gandhi said that, to deal with this crisis, the Modi government should go on the path of decentralization and give more powers to the Chief Ministers of states and their local administration.
“The Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical.”, Rahul Gandhi came into the limelight for this tweet on 22 March when Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a one-day public curfew in the country due to Corona epidemic and later implemented a 21-day lock-down.
The former Congress president has also said that there is no shortage of food grains in the country, but he feels sad to see that it is not reaching to the needy poor. Rahul Gandhi said that it should not be seen as a criticism of the government but as a constructive suggestion. He also has said that to get out of this crisis, all parties have to be united.
In India, 37 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours due to Corona Virus. The death toll from this epidemic in the country has risen to 414. The total infection cases have now reached 12380. The cases count in highest have been reported in Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu.
Meanwhile, the Center has released a list of 170 hotspots in the country. These are the places where corona virus cases are the highest and they are growing rapidly. The list includes six metros and mostly major cities, including the capital Delhi. Eighty percent of the total corona virus cases in the country are coming from these places.

UP Police arrests people under NSA

By on Friday, April 17, 2020

Bad time; CM tough!

The state police take stern action against the 17 people who were involved to attack the workers of health department. The accused have been arrested under the National Security Act i.e.Rasuka in this case.
Additional Chief Secretary (Home) of Uttar Pradesh, Avnish Awasthi gave this information to the media in Lucknow on Thursday this week.
On Monday, a businessman died due to corona virus in Nagfni police station area of Moradabad.  In order to step up rescue measures, a team from the police and Health Department arrived to quarantine the businessman's family and the neighborhood people on Wednesday. Meanwhile, some people started throwing stones at him. The health team including a doctor  and Nagfani station in-charge for the security purpose have sustained serious injuries.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister reacted strongly after the incident. He ordered the police to take action against the people involved in this incident under the National Security Act (NSA).
What is national security law
Rasuka i.e. National Security Act-1980 gives power to the government to keep a person in custody for the security of the country. By applying Rasuka, any person can be kept in jail for one year. However the approval of the Advisory Board has to be taken to be kept in jail for more than three months. Rasuka can be imposed based on the threat to the security of the nation and the possibility of deteriorating law and order.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Poverty Vs Indian economy pre and post lockdown

By on Sunday, April 05, 2020

Kshitiz Kant
The vehicles are emptied and parked on the road side, but none shall give them a lift to enroute to their journey.
The overcrowd surge at Lucknow Charbagh bus station this week after 21 days lockdown tried to board leaving for their native homes.
The buses were fully packed. In the panic of this uncertain lockdown the people had a fear about — of shortage in the essential commodities and; of no work in the big cities where they were earning their livelihood daily.
This unearths the corelation between the employers and the labourers, and also how does government test these two poles’tight position?
The employers’ moral, or  say their sentiments for the labourers, began to sink prior to the upcoming their economic lose.
The employers for the burden of no work wage kept silence reluctant to cater some confidence among the labourer class seeing the concrete loss or it was a knowing failure of state government in the lockdown without any roadmap.
These daily wage people’s exodus began after the PM’s address to the nation; then the crowd at railway station and the surge of people converted in bus station overcrowd.
The question is here that the PM Modi already was well acquainted with the situation — and his apologising appearance in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is not enough healing to the trouble faced people.
Here I would like to mention about my PM that he has appeared on television several times. It was not his maiden speech to the nation.
His communication skill so strong and his command in national language is so sharp that even a laymen can understand his  often spoke in barely coded language that signalled to his followers that he shared their bigotry.
The poor observe 21 days lockdown whether they are in quarantine or in the city where they were working or they have return to their native homes . They all are now Jobless.
The hunger is also an emergency to these people if they are not a marginal farmers or not registered labourers or say if they are staying in the city where they were working. The slowdown or the economy has declined in country, so the crises of fund flow in the market will also create a problem that may rise an unemployment.
The root cause of Uttar Pradesh or the other States is to cope with the soaring unemployment prevailed among the unorganised sector that may brought the labourers on the verge of starvation.
The Indian economy is not derailed after the lock down -- it was already in crises.
Acording to CMI, the new government project of 1.7 lacs crore are on table and 1.2 lac crore of private sectors' projects are to be launched. the lockdown crises shall adversely affect the 3 lacs crore projects.
Investment in many sectors has declined.
The manufacturing sectors is down by 8 lacs crore; mining sector 1 lacs crore; electric or power sector 13 lacs crore; service sector 6 lac crore; construction and real state,1 lacs crore.
The standing projects which are facing the budget increase shall be 10 lacs crore in private sectors and 3 lacs 60 thousand crore in government sector.
If we peep into the condition of projects monitoring, we find that all these results are  government failure to cope with 35% projects.
The reason of project standing is that the required funds for these projects were 22 lacs crore affected a hurdle to 16% projects and for this purpose required fuel and raw material worth Rs 13 lacs crore which curbed 9.5% projects.

Now Delhi is not far!

By on Sunday, April 05, 2020

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
India's unemployment was already soaring, but this lockdown has brought many labourers on the verge of starvation.
83% of India's population dwells in the rural areas. Labourers are now jobless who had returned to their native land from the big cities, or still staying in quarantine camps of the states, after the announcement of shutdown this week.
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his speech to the nation on March 19 last month had first called upon to the people to stay in their homes under Janta Curfew held on March 22 for a day.
He had appealed to the people to go on the balconies or  windows of their homes to ring the bells, make clapping and other ways to pay gratitude of performing hard duties to serve sufferers of pandemic COVID-19 for 5 minutes on being ended of this curfew.
It is now clear with the fatalities going on in the world that many countries are in the trap of this unidentified pandemic.
The day by day deaths toll are constantly rising.
Seeing the  emergency of the people's health  PM on March 24 declared country to be fully lockdown mid-night of March 24/25.
The country is observing 21 days of lockdown since then. However the announcement by PM gave people 4 hours to fix themselves to face this health emergency.
Many people are peasants who were there to earn daily wages so that they could have helped their families whether they were in their native homes or they were with them on the working sites.
After the shutdown of working places they had come under unemployment and began to return to their homes, but the homes were miles away from the employers where they were on work.
Now the employers began to obviate from these daily workers so not to make a mutual concession.
Sudden surge of people on railway stations and on bus stations overcrowded these places, but there every buses were parked and the trains were in yards of station after observing lockdown.
Two types of toughness emerged -- first that none were following the social distancing guidelines to safe themselves from the pandemic infections; second they were now jobless to how they would have managed their daily meal if they had stayed, so their escape from there were the need of the hours.
They had mere option  was that to leave the cities, so they started their journeys onfoot to go back home.
A few of them were marching with their babies sitting on lap and a few with the bale of their valuables on heads were going on across the National Highway.
This exodus' first journey was seen from Delhi upto Lucknow by on foot, then by buses upto their native home districts.
The government of UP then had come in action and the atrocities police over these under media pressure was a little got soft; UPSRTC department began to help these needy and the buses were carrying these people to the native districts.