Audit of Corona virus spreading in India

A few doctors of a big hospital of Doguan city of China on December 2, 2019 were in a sceptical mind and worrisome. The reason of this was a doctor who had been admitted after the complaint of high fever and cough. It was notice after diagnosis that the doctor had chest infection which had caused pneumonia.Corona virus infections were never seen before this case. This doctor was the first patient to go for treatment in hospital against this virus.
The deaths toll had risen to 9 in China by this infection till December 22.  After it had spilt out fast, the world noticed it; consequently the fatalities count reached 213 till December 213 and 9692 people were in its grip.
The first case came in India since one month. The patient was a student from Trichur who was the student of university of Wuhan in China and he had returned to his native land a few days ago.then report came that the government had put 400 people under monitoring. Two more case were reported from the state a dew days later. It was dated 2 or 3 February.Both cases were from the kerla and were the students of Wuhan university where they were gripped in the infection from. Trio were treated by quarantine separately and they got healthy.
A few days ago, World Health Organisation in view of health had declared Corona virus infection an International Emergency on 30 January. It had done before mere 5 times earlier. Later one day or so to say on 31 January, Italy too had declared national emergency for Corona virus meanwhile our neibouring nation’s death toll had gone up to 350. Even the news of preparing 1000 beds hospital was in headlines of the world.  The India in the wake of this news cancelled all the running Visa of the foreign citizen who visited China during the two weeks including all the Chinese citizens on February 4.
The news of Corona virus.There was to cast votes in Delhi Assembly election. All politicians were watching it. The contest was between BJP led Union government and the Delhi led AAP. it was that time when  there were going on a big protest against CAA and NRC in different part of India including Shaheenbagh. PM Modi was telling that Shaheenbagh was not a coincidence but an experiment. The BJP leader Anurag Thakur was getting public shouted slogan to shoot the traitors and the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal was chanting Hanuman Chalisa. mere political news was going on in country.
It was the beginning second week of February the first day of this week, or to say the February 8, death toll in China had risen to 722 and here in india the people in Delhi were franchising their votes. The result was declared on January 11 and the winning of APP was the prime report of the news; it was the day when the fatalities in China had reached to 1000. The WHO was constantly warning to the world that the exit of Crona virus from China to other nations meant facing a big disaster and the human being try enough to overcome that the pandemic should not be out of control
Indian government was to say that there is no need to worry. Union Health Minister, Harshwardhan’s statement was that there should not be panic from Corona Virus;   the Medicines and Mask, Gloves -- all the needy stuff were in the stock.  even he told that India was self alert and  was exporting the medical supply, equipments and other material to the neibouring nation china. PM Modi had talked on telephone to president Tsi Ginping and had offered to help. Harshwardhan was to say that the thermal Screening was going on at the 12 main and 65 small ports and the airports. However it was acknowledged later that it was not a protective remedy because it might have been that the body temprature of an infected person would remain normal many days. Anyway the second week of February had ended meanwhile.
The death toll had increase in China to 1800 in the start of third week, but no particular commotion were seen in India that had been, and is, sharing 3000 kilometer long border with the China. All the politicians including the people were seen dedicately towards American president Donald Trump’s visit and the preparation for his arrival. Meanwhile the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha merged into the BJP and the chief of this party Babulal Marandi’s welcome back  home were in limelight.
4th week of February was wasted to the violence between the protesters against and the supporters for the CAA and the NRC as well as two days visit of Donal Trump to India. Meanwhile India made agreement of 3 Million dollars defense procurements with the US. The Delhi violence kept on growing and when the situation came to normalcy, more than 50 people lost their lives. The violence was around the world in limelight. The death toll had reached to 3000 in China till this incident.
Numerous thoughts is that when India had a chance to attack on the root of this outbreak disaster like Corona virus, it did nothing during this time or say the month of February passed almost in disarray. Many of them give example of Namaste Trump held in Motera stadium Ahemdabad on February 24 when about1 lac people were present breaking the social or physical distancing
Such allegations got stregnth by this news that India was exporting Protective Equipments (PPE) knowingly of PPE shortage and demand for the safety to the whole world. Actually WHO had warned on 27 February that there were no adequate stock of PPE around the world and the earliest its shortage shall increase. Despite it India took time to stop the export till March 19; consequently Doctors and nurses who kept on demanding frequently the required supply of it from the government  had to pay adversely. Many doctors viraled their video and said that they have been fielded to fight against Pandemic’s battle without resources.
Anyway, it was the beginning of month March. So far there was no sign of Corona cases except three from Kerla in February. This virus knocked second time in the country on 2 March. This attack was not about to go back from the door like previous attempt.
The new cases that surfaced on 2 March -- one of them was from the national capital Delhi, and second one were from Telangana. Both the infected people recently then had returned from the foreign trip. Union Health Minister, Harshwardhan, giving the information,  had said  that there was no need to panic. He was to say that if anyone was observing the symptom of Corona virus, he or she could contact with the officials through the government helpline number.Next day Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had assured the countrymen not to go in panic.
So far the Corona Virus had begun its wicked infection attack in Iran and Italy. The number of cases suddenly in india had rapidly increasing reached to 29. In the same day the congress leader Rahul Gandhi had once again warned the government.

The Health Minister saying that the Indian Govt has the #coronavirus crisis under control, is like the Capt of the Titanic telling passengers not to panic as his ship was unsinkable.

It's time the Govt made public an action plan backed by solid resources to tackle this crisis.

Rahul Gandhi had returned from Italy after 2 weeks visit on 28th February. And after his back to home, he had pointed out a warning in indicative way to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the coronavirus and the crisis that would befall the Indian economy. He was to say that a true leader’s concentration at this hour should be absolutely to prevent the crises, which would affect India and its economy because of virus.
However the most media centres were engage maximum to discuss the confrontation between the government and the opposition for Delhi violence except this thing. The working of parliament house was stalled for many days because of this. In this way the first week of March passed. Meanwhile former prime minister, Manmohan Singh warned that the joining together of social bitterness, economic slowdown and Corona like pandemic are a knock of endangering situation. Even he was to say that the PM Modi should assure to the country in such circumstances.
 A day later prime minister stated targeting on criticisers that the world economy is passing a tough period of different causes, but the Indian economy’s infrastructure is strong.
Second week of March began with the triggered crisis over the Congress led Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh. Jyotiraditya Scindia and his supporter MLAs’ joining of BJP resulted to fall of Kamalnath government in Madhya Pradesh consequently, or As the political stability in Madhya Pradesh was the need to deal with the pandemic in the state, a political upheaval began in  Madhya Pradesh. The gathering of Congress and the BJP’s MLAs until about two week kept on breaking the social distancing during this period. Eventually Kamalnath resigned and on 23rd March, Shivraj Singh Chauhan throned on  as Madhya Pradesh CM for his 4th term.
When so much disturbance was going on in Madhya Pradesh, the Pandemic crises had spilt so widespread at the time that its estimation could be understood that the prime minister Narendra Modi declared Janta curfew and the section 144 in many states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi was imposed. On March 24, Shivraj Singh Government proved its majority in Madhya Pradesh Assembly and the same day Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 21 days lockdown in the country. Madhya Pradesh is ahead of the most affected states with the Corona virus infection.

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