Killing of two Sadhus in UP resented among saints' community

SK Tomar: Bulandshahr
Resented over Palghar killings of Sadhus in Maharashtra mob lynching, the Saints community reacted in tough way after another killings of two Sadhus in Bulandshahr in UP on Monday night and condemned it. The community has asked the centre and the state government to look the matter, set up an investigation and got it well scrutinize.
All India Akhada Council has said that the chief minister of state is also a saint, in such condition it is necessary that the saints and sage of his state and the maths and temples must be protected every hour.
Swami Vasudevanand saraswati member of Ramjanam Bhumi Tirth Trust has expressed his doubt of a big hatched conspiracy behind these killings.
He added that two Sadhus were killed in Palghar, then attacked in Punjab and now another killings of two Sadhus in Bulandhshahr. It seems a big conspiracy behind these murders. He said that the union government should set up a high level investigation in this matter and take proper action, otherwise the saints self shall decide the destiny after the ending of lockdown.
Mahant Mahendra Giri said over the murder of two sadhus in Bulandshahr that the murder has taken place in the night; the things are coming out that the slain Sadhus had reprimanded someone for the theft charge of a long pincer does not seem worth of hugging reasons behind this murder.
CM Yogi get it investigated. However Mahant Narendra Giri has said that the incident angle should not be looked link with Palghar murder. Both incidents are absolute different. He said wherever the shelter home, Math-temple in the towns and the villages- all should be in security watch; the places and the saints should be kept in security.
It is to tell that the two Sadhus were murdered in throat slit latenight in a Shiv temple on way of Shikarpur in Pagona village under Anupshahr police station in Bulandshahr district on Monday this week.
The suspected accused was caught by villagers and after manhandling was handed over to police.
Garib Das alias Jagan Das, resident of Bhadesi Ashram Aligarh, and his deciple Sher Singh alias Seva Das, resident of village Kanora under Chhatari police station of Bulandshahr, were care taking by living in temple.
Murari alias Raju son of Devisahay, a villager, had allegely lifted Sadhus’pincer on Monday. Having gone to Raju’s home, both Sadhus had expressed their displeasure over this misconduct; consequently, Raju allegedly slit by sharp edge weapon the throats of both Sadhus in the night.

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