Lucknow Christian Degree College Principal dies of cardiac arrest

Sitting in my room, when my younger brother (Studying in Christian College) told me,”Bade Bhai Christian College Ke Principal Ke Death Ho Gyi Hai”, I was finishing my society documents; It was the Friday evening of April 24.
''Principal Of LCDC died.'' I asked him to confirm if the news was wrong.
He told me all of his friends have posted RIP on their social wall for Principal sir.... It was unbelievable message for me so I asked him to confirm it from the staff of his College.
He told,” I tried to call many times but no reply from other side which I called to.” 
I said wait for a minute I’m confirming it, I’d called my Statistics lecturar, Dr. Raghuvendra Singh, who confirmed the Principal’s  death news was true. 
I packed my media bag and moved towards Christian College while India has been observing Lockdown 2 till May 3rd. Gola Ganj is 7 KM away from my home and the different places on road have been sealed with barricades and heavy Police men have been deployed to make the home quarentine of people complied. 
The pandemic's fatalities resulted so far worrisome but the Principal's death is the caused of his prolong ailment.  
When I reached in Campus every staff members who were living near and inside Campus were present there. They all had tears in their eyes.
Most of the teachers who had taught me during Graduation were not present there; so, I asked one of the employee,”why other employees are not here.” He told me, due to Lockdown of Corona Virus, no body join this tearful last rite.
One of the employee said he was Iron fist, none of the Principal was able to remove the mafia trap of this college.
He fought against those rascals and made environment clean for the students. I don’t want,”Christian College again get trapped by these filthy peoples.”
Family members of Principal were in grief and pain. When I asked one of his family member, where will the funeral be performed? He told me our home town is in Allahabad, funeral will be done in our home town cemetry. 
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