Poverty Vs Indian economy pre and post lockdown

Kshitiz Kant
The vehicles are emptied and parked on the road side, but none shall give them a lift to enroute to their journey.
The overcrowd surge at Lucknow Charbagh bus station this week after 21 days lockdown tried to board leaving for their native homes.
The buses were fully packed. In the panic of this uncertain lockdown the people had a fear about — of shortage in the essential commodities and; of no work in the big cities where they were earning their livelihood daily.
This unearths the corelation between the employers and the labourers, and also how does government test these two poles’tight position?
The employers’ moral, or  say their sentiments for the labourers, began to sink prior to the upcoming their economic lose.
The employers for the burden of no work wage kept silence reluctant to cater some confidence among the labourer class seeing the concrete loss or it was a knowing failure of state government in the lockdown without any roadmap.
These daily wage people’s exodus began after the PM’s address to the nation; then the crowd at railway station and the surge of people converted in bus station overcrowd.
The question is here that the PM Modi already was well acquainted with the situation — and his apologising appearance in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is not enough healing to the trouble faced people.
Here I would like to mention about my PM that he has appeared on television several times. It was not his maiden speech to the nation.
His communication skill so strong and his command in national language is so sharp that even a laymen can understand his  often spoke in barely coded language that signalled to his followers that he shared their bigotry.
The poor observe 21 days lockdown whether they are in quarantine or in the city where they were working or they have return to their native homes . They all are now Jobless.
The hunger is also an emergency to these people if they are not a marginal farmers or not registered labourers or say if they are staying in the city where they were working. The slowdown or the economy has declined in country, so the crises of fund flow in the market will also create a problem that may rise an unemployment.
The root cause of Uttar Pradesh or the other States is to cope with the soaring unemployment prevailed among the unorganised sector that may brought the labourers on the verge of starvation.
The Indian economy is not derailed after the lock down -- it was already in crises.
Acording to CMI, the new government project of 1.7 lacs crore are on table and 1.2 lac crore of private sectors' projects are to be launched. the lockdown crises shall adversely affect the 3 lacs crore projects.
Investment in many sectors has declined.
The manufacturing sectors is down by 8 lacs crore; mining sector 1 lacs crore; electric or power sector 13 lacs crore; service sector 6 lac crore; construction and real state,1 lacs crore.
The standing projects which are facing the budget increase shall be 10 lacs crore in private sectors and 3 lacs 60 thousand crore in government sector.
If we peep into the condition of projects monitoring, we find that all these results are  government failure to cope with 35% projects.
The reason of project standing is that the required funds for these projects were 22 lacs crore affected a hurdle to 16% projects and for this purpose required fuel and raw material worth Rs 13 lacs crore which curbed 9.5% projects.

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