we have to fight this battle together; no faction on this issue: Rahul Gandhi

MP from Kerla, Rahul Gandhi, and former Congress president has said that the decision of nationwide lockdown is like a pause button, which will not help to solve the crisis arising from the Corona Virus. While addressing the media through video conference, he also suggested that the government should increase the testing. Rahul Gandhi said that, to deal with this crisis, the Modi government should go on the path of decentralization and give more powers to the Chief Ministers of states and their local administration.
“The Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical.”, Rahul Gandhi came into the limelight for this tweet on 22 March when Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a one-day public curfew in the country due to Corona epidemic and later implemented a 21-day lock-down.
The former Congress president has also said that there is no shortage of food grains in the country, but he feels sad to see that it is not reaching to the needy poor. Rahul Gandhi said that it should not be seen as a criticism of the government but as a constructive suggestion. He also has said that to get out of this crisis, all parties have to be united.
In India, 37 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours due to Corona Virus. The death toll from this epidemic in the country has risen to 414. The total infection cases have now reached 12380. The cases count in highest have been reported in Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu.
Meanwhile, the Center has released a list of 170 hotspots in the country. These are the places where corona virus cases are the highest and they are growing rapidly. The list includes six metros and mostly major cities, including the capital Delhi. Eighty percent of the total corona virus cases in the country are coming from these places.

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