3 men killed in Benglore Riot

 "we appeal that you will stay here peacefully maintaining social distancing unless the higher authorities take action", Muzzamil Pasha announced among the violent crowd on evening of Tuesday evening last week. More than 200 people have been arrested including Muzammil Pasha by the Banglore Police in the case of sparking violence. Banglore Police in self defence surrounded by the aggressive rioters opened fire and in this firing 3 people were killed. 

The SDPI President M. Illias accused the BJP's conspiracy to polarize the Muslim and Dalit community votes; and  said, in any condition BJP is constantly intending to destroy the harmony maintained  among the Dalit and Muslim; consequently it seemed that it used the boy that is the matter of investigation. The arrested people in this case have been sent out of Banglore in Ballari Jail.

The Congress has demanded the stern action against the rioters who were involved in this violence.

A boy Naveen about 20 years posted an objectionable post and photo on social media, after rapid sharing and forwarding which sparked the protest and the people in protest against this post began to swarm in front of Police Station KG Halli. The police rounded up the accused to the police station against this misconduct.

According to KG Halli Police, the aggressive crowd began to shout the accused to be handed over to the crowd which the police denied to do so.

The overcrowd people gathered and they torched the house of Congress MLA of the area under DJ Halli police station and also torched the vehicles parked outside at the road.

According to report the Muslim boys made a human chain to save the Hanuman Temple of Hindu faith near the MLA’s house. A few of them, immediately inferring the danger, reached to the Naveen’s house where they gave the protection to his parent having taken them to a safe place for security purpose.

Later the rioters barged into Naveen's house and vandalized the whole home stuff.  

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