Women safety and strict law


Divwanshu P SINGH

Barabanki: In a present scenario , women security is a very important topic. Time to time voices have been raised to make tough punishment framework to protect the women and make them uplift from the visicious cycle of weakness.
In my opinion cinema, tv serials , newly born webseries , now a days , have become a source of vulgar content. There is equally urgent need to bring law on this subject as it is required in case of women security.
Now a days issues are politicized , as recently , hathras issue was in limelight while none was bothered about balrampur issue. There was deep silence on these matters as these are being highlighted on the basis of caste, colour and religion which shows only dirty side of politics.
In a present scenario, maximum cases of rape have been noticed from rajasthan but silence of media Encourage such kind of incidents.
As tough and stringent laws are concerned they are being modified time to time but not being implemented properly on the ground level . It is no less than dream . Many cases are being buried due to phobia ,  fear  and undue pressure so, instead of tough laws there is an urgent need to bring change in the implementation process and to replace such mechanism which creates hurdle in its path.

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