Additional Municipal Commissioner faces mistreatment of ex-corporator

 Additional Municipal Commissioner Lucknow faced the frenzy hue and cry at Bajwa road in Lalkuan ward adjoining area of Hazratganj Lucknow on Monday afternoon this week.

Mrs Archana Dubedi, AMC LKO, on Monday launched special routine operation of cleanliness for two days in the wake of observing pandemic and she was with her team on the spot where ex-corporator, Amit Sonkar, came to create nuisance.

She told Pressmen, "our team have been keeping on working to clean the city; in this compliance we were inspecting  Lalkuan ward and found the defunct  vehicles parked since long; the waste building remains were lying at the roadside; and the drainage of this place were choked which were emanating filthy smell there near Kalyan Mandap and Public Toilet."

"The removal of all these waste was going on normally and the local residents were supporting pleasantly this cleaning work; meanwhile ex-corporator with 40 to 50 unidentified people reached the spot and began to create nuisance during the public duty", she told.

She allegely said, " that the work preventing by Sonkar, which was going on there, could not be understood why they were provocatively protesting? Mr Sonkar was threatening  to lodge a fake criminal case against me by misusing  SC/ST Act and even he said me to this extent that my public service would get terminated."

While the LMC lodged a FIR against Amit Sonkar for this misconduct during performing the public duty.

Mrs Dubedi alleged that the Junior Engineer, Pratima who was there, was  aggressively assaulted by a Vishal Sonkar and they were also mistreating us in malevolent way.

She said that Mr Sonkar was accused in many other criminal activities and the cases against him have been got going on.

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