Labours Diwali in past and their present celebration of this festival


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During festivals there has been always shortage of labours, but this Diwali, the overcrowd of labours were seen at the labour stop. The most of the labours were not in position to go to their villages with their bare hands because of less income.

 Bunt Line Network visited many labours' stop-crossing in Lucknow on Friday this week. The quizzical gauging of sulk eyes told us all the past of their loss without money and now about 80% of work in the markets has been left on future prospect after lockdown.

 "We don't get work for many days", they told.

Woman told: "we are second option for the labouring; people don't like to beckon us". 25% of labourers were women there. They were seated there for the daily wage work. Rajkumari, Sangeeta, Santoshi and Ragini from Chhattisgarh told that the work statistics has been declined since the lockdown whereas the labours' liabilities have grown now than before the lockdown.

Women are being seldom engaged in work in comparison with past year. People think that the women don't work well in daily wage. That's why the people get hesitate to take them for work. Main labours get at least 15 days work in a month whereas women don't get any work even in a week. Bunt Line talked to many labours at Sarojini Nagar, Bara Birwa, Naher crossing, Telibag, Phoenix crossing and many other places there were many women on these places they told us we also have pressure from home,

Phoenix Mall crossing

phonix mall labour crossing where we get the daily wagers from Chhattisgarh and Bihar.

 Many women labours were standing here seeking work for their sustenance. Someone were standing here along with their wives and some, for work seeking with their girlfriends. Reporter stood for about 20 minutes. Only one man came here to take them for a day.

As he reached, the work seekers surrounded him. Ful Kumari from Chhattisgarh told, ”after the lockdown I was engaged in daily wage only for 10 days. My daughter and son both are in village. I wanted to celebrate Diwali with them, but due to lack of money I am not in position to go there. I have send 1000 rupees for my children' sweets and father-in-law's medicines."

Only three people came to take labours

At 9 a.m. Telibag crossing was crowded by labours. Women labours were maximum in number, here. Bihar, Jharkhand to Chhattisgarh labours, carpenters and painters were standing there and waiting for daily wage work.

Here Reporter stood for about 15 minutes. Only three people came to take labourers for cleaning purpose at home. 

As they came, labours surrounded them. Here labours said because of observing pandemic, the development work has no certainty of further lockdown. The people are saying: themselves, they are saving for their living because of their own job uncertainty. This is why labours are not getting any work. Last year, during Diwali, hardly people were idle to spare their time for daily wage, but this Diwali, labour did work for rupees 200.

Labours start gathering since morning 6 a.m.. Labours' pain was clearly seen during conversation with them.

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