Spurious liquor claims 8 lives in state capital of UP

8 people died by consuming spurious liquor whereas 15 of them are sick in Banthra, outskirt area of Lucknow . The condition of four is serious. In this matter Police has arrested salesman and the vendor of model shop. 

District Magistrate Lucknow has hand over a magisterial inquiry to ADM East in this connection. Inquiry officer has to put up the report within a week. 

Issuing a show cause notice to the District Alcohol Officer, Sudarshan Singh Yadav, the contract license has been cancelled for the alleged liquor shop in Latif Nagar. 

Sundar Lal and his neighbour Mohd Anees alias Akshay from Rasool  Pur Village, and Raj Kumar from Latif Nagar -- all have bought and consumed liquor from the vendor Nankau's shop. 

Raj Kumar's father Nankahe told that his son had come home on Thursday evening by consuming liquor and late night his condition got deteriorating. He began to blood vomiting and died in morning whereas Sundar Lal and his neighbour Anees alias Akshay from Rasool Pur-- all have bought and consumed the liquor which deteriorated their condition. 

Family members of Sundar Lal have rushed him to KGMU for his treatment. Anees was admitted to Balram Pur Hospital where both died during treatment. 

Since long the license holder and vendor has been in this business. 

According to Police Contractor Nankau has been involved in illegal alcohol business since long time. Even people used to buy alcohol after being shut down of Model Shop.

Villagers alleged that Police and Alcohol Department both had information about this illegal trading of liquor, but the officers of both departments have ignored it.

It is important to notice that Dariya Pur Khatola and many other villages are indulged in this illegal alcohol distribution business. Inspite of this, the officers kept on silence in this matter. 

According to District Commissioner of Police (Central), Somen Verma, the alleged liquor has been bought from Shubhash's Model Shop in Latif Nagar. 

During the investigation it has come out that Nankau was doing illegal alcohol business. Salesman Manvendra and Nankau duo are being questioned after the arrest. 

The victims of poisonous liquor have been rushed to hospital.  Alcohol Department and Police both reached to the villages to investigate on Friday morning. 

During investigation they got to know that between Wednesday and Thursday 15 other peoples had bought hazardous liquor from the contractors shop. After this everybody by police jeep were rushed to hospital.  Umesh, Manoj, Hafiz and Kanhai's condition are very serious. Alcohol Department is sending samples from other liquor shops for testing.

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