All farmers skirt Delhi border roads: Farmers are hell-bent to move in... at Delhi border!

Police forces on alert; talk between Union Government and farmer unions is going on

The talks between the farmers with the 3 Union Ministers at Vigyan Bhawan at New Delhi on Tuesday was not conclusive.

The farmer unions have turned down the government's offer of constituting a committee to consider the issues of the agitated farmers in protest against the new agricultural laws.

However the both sides met again on Thursday this week and the government rejected the demand to withdraw the laws.

The government has asked the farmer unions to hand over whatever the objections they do surface against the laws before to come for the talks of next round by the Wednesday this week.

The farmer unions have adamant that the agitation shall be more intense if the government is failed to consider their demands.

35 leaders of farmer unions were on table to talk with the government.

 All India Farmers' struggle Co-ordinating Committee(AIKSCC) has said through releasing a statement that the talks held between the government and the farmers had no conducive result and the proposal of government is unacceptable to the farmers.

"That government's offer of 5 members committee to study the concern of farmers and to pay attention over the objections of farmer unions has been turned down", said in a statement by the farmers.

Mr Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Agriculture Minister, leading the talks on behalf of the government, told that he had talked thoroughly and will resume the talks in next meeting.

The Union Agriculture Ministry said in a release that it was assured in the meeting that the centre had always been committed for the welfare of the farmers and always accomplish to discuss open mind for the farmers welfare.

All the renowned stars of the sports world and the singers from Punjab are going to support this stir and the farmers from Punjab and Haryana are on the move to Delhi.

The farmers are going to be surged on Delhi road.

On appeal of Panchayat of Punjab and Haryana, the medicines, provision (ration)  and the other essential commodities are being gathered for the farmers.

The stuff laden tractors are being carried towards the Delhi border so that there should not be any difficulties to the farmers.

Panchayats have appealed that one member  atleast of every family must be sent to Delhi to encourage the farmers.

There is expected a heavy march of farmers towards Delhi from Punjab and Haryana after the talks being failed between the farmers and the government.

Delhi police is on alert appaling a huge crowd swarm on the border areas.

The security on Delhi border was already high and now it is going to be well maintained.

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