Since 40 months in UP -- 650 employees without salaries!

  Mr Ram Dhyan Singh employee of Kalyan Nigam Varanasi depot was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

The ill, Mr Singh, was operated on 27 December last year and later 3 days of his treatment he died.

The marriage of one of his 3 surviving daughter was matched; but the paucity of fund for the dowry estranged the tie up of being married.

The daughter Anushka sent a letter to the CM narrating the whole tragic story; requested to be employed on the death compensation to the dependents; voiced up to pay the outstanding dues of 40 months salary, the provident fund and the gratuity -- but no avail so far.

The family is facing the difficulties of economic crunch.

It's not mere the tragedy and difficulties of Mr Ram Dhyan Singh's family who is suffering from the apathy of top officials of Karmchari Kalyan Nigam.

The Union Government and the state government both declined to approve this Nigam of their GST shares relaxation in the matter of providing tax free consumer goods to the employees since the GST imposed; and Nigam shut down.

Besides the secretriate Nigam has 160 Depot in the different cities of Uttar Pradesh. There are 650 employees who haven't got their salaries for about 30 to 40 months.

The retirement benefits are not being paid to the retired and to the next kin of dead employees. About 100 cases like this are still pending to be considered.

Liability of more than Rs 80 crore is still pending for the working and for the retired employees. The Employees Federation President, Satish Pandey, and  Nigam Employee President Manoj Misra both are ire  over the apathy of secretriate level officers who are not taking the decision.

They told that in the case of one employee Sri Kant Dwevedi and others have been heard in Allahabad High Court on 26 November this month.

Principal Secretary Food and Supply Nivedita Shukla Verma  had appeared before the court with an affidavit and said that the Government has not approved the relaxation in the GST, the problem of salary payment is under consideration at the secretriate level. Court has asked to the present Principal Secretary to submit the update.

On 26 November hearing in court  Principal Secretary of government of Uttar Pradesh Beena Kumar Meena has submitted the affidavit that all the employees in the Nigam are irregular; so they can neiter be re-employed nor be retired except those who are working in the head quarters. 

It is not the responsibility of the secretriate to pay the outstanding salary and the other dues. 

Court did not listen the  pleas and asked him to solve the problem within 15 days and to file the report. 

The matter has been sent to Chief Minister Office, but still under consideration. 

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