Wireless Internet technology for far-flung areas

  No matter that today the Internet has substituted the essential facility, there are a few other areas where the wireless connectivity is not accessible.

These areas can now be easily linked - and the work has been done by Parthsarathi Trivedi.

Young entrepreneur and founder of Skylo, Parthsarathi Trivedi is making access into the far-flung areas with his technology.

Their start-up model has two characteristics: low-cost Internet services and design, which makes people comfortable purchasing.

This effort can make digital technology accessible to those population who had been deprived because of the infrastructure and were in the weaker section of economy. 

In this way every information and opportunity related to it will open every chances door.

The agriculture and the logistics industries are constantly changing.

Parthsarathi Trivedi is distributing data networks everywhere through Skylo.

He said in a program, "Our aim is to create a world where the presence of connectivity like a sky for sensors, devices and machines should exist everywhere.

This cheapest technology will replace all industries. "

His technology will ease many tasks in the country in the form of distribution management, and rescue management etc.

Parthsarathi took the birth in Kolkotta and he has completed his study at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. after his degree he began his company Skylo in 2017. he developed a powerful portable antena. The antena is connected from the satelites internet services, and then it provides capable internet conectivities to the hundreds of other devices.

Specialy the antena has been developed for the far-flung  and rural areas.

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