Secret plan for increase of thinning farmers presence at Ghazipur border


After ‘Rail Chakka Jam’, What next of farmers agitation yet at Ghazipur border? Even Though Rakesh Tikait(BKU leader) has no answer to this question. Meanwhile, a meeting for the count increase of farmers at the Ghazipur border has been held on Friday afternoon.

A new strategy in the meeting has been planned to maintain the count of farmers. One after other talks in Panchayat Rakesh Tikait on Friday reached Ghazipur border. Having cut cake on the young farmer leader's birthday he proceeded to the farmers’ meeting. Seeing the rising heat new tent is getting ready for the farmers' leaders and the media under the flyover. The district president of the Meerut and Saharanpur division as well as the 200 farmers shall stage Dharna for 10 days under the new strategy in the meeting.

Dharmendra Malik, spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union told, “We have announced in the meeting that they can come with the two hundred farmers however they have to cultivate their fields too.” His statement, on thinning of farmers' presence at a site, was that the presence was constantly maintained. There was a rally passed, and the number count of farmers was very thin. Now we are doing Panchayat then what meaning would that be of increasing numbers? It is noticeable that the rising heat and the cultivation is the reason for to return of farmers that slashed the count in the border area of Ghazipur.”

However, the MP from Malka Giri constituency in Telangana and the leaders of RJD from Bihar, now to support Rakesh Tikait, are arriving at the Ghazipur border

Tikait is going to hold a Panchayat in March at Telangana. Revant Reddy said that Bihar and Telangana the farmers of both the states are supporting Rakesh Tikait.

However, the agitation of farmers is getting support national wide. To maintain the presence of about two to three thousand farmers at the Ghazipur border and the management of food and water supply is also a challenge at the Dharna spot.

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