She asked women-students sex for educational degree

 Madras High Court has granted conditional bail to an accused woman professor after 11 months in a sensational case of the sex scandal. Justice N Kirubakran and the justice SS Sundar of Madurai Bench granted bail to assistant professor Nirmala Devi. She used to lure of securing high marks, and tempt money to women-students if they go on to have sex with the senior officers of Madurai Kamraj University. The government advocate said that he would not object to the grant of her bail. The court has directed the professor to co-operate with the police investigation and told her averting to any type of media interview which can influence the investigation.

The lower and the high court had dismissed her bail plea earlier of this approval. She had been arrested on April 16 last year from Devanga Arts Private College. The arrest action was taken after an audio recording of the Professor’s talk with the students went on viral and a complaint of Women forum made. The audio clip reveals allegedly her advising to students to adjust with the officers.

An internal investigation, contemplating him an accused, suspended her from the service before the arrest made. With the rising controversy over the audio, the investigation of this case had been handed over to the state CID. After interrogation police had arrested assistant professor Murugan and research fellow Karruppasami for their indulgence in this allegation. Both had filed the bail plea in the apex court after the dismissal of bail in the high court.

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