Gandhi dies between two thieves


Why might have the Indian government needed to arrest a 21-year-old activist, loving the mother earth keep on clean and safe? Whether the country does not want that the youth to go away from self-interest and narrow thinking may consider the issues related to social interest? Why has our government sent behind the bars eventually the young citizen who wants a better future for her and her countrymen? What were the causes that prevailed to the Delhi police to take such stern action of arresting in Bengaluru at her residence to bring her to the national capital? Carrying out the non-violent campaign of awareness for global warming and a tweet in the favour of the farmers' protest -- which of these things is that made the powerful and the self-reliant India government system felt endangering of treason?

 These questions were put up by my friend after the arrest news of Disha Ravi, and it might have been in many other houses too. That the arrest of this Bengaluru woman and the decision of arbitrary police remand was presented in such an illiberal way does not understand through any logic. The ruling state under the constitution of democracy and its functioning by law should not practice in this way, but the state did it, why after all?

Disha Ravi is a youth and gentle citizen who was, without any prior summon, lifted by police from Bangaluru’s home, and then she was taken boarded on a plane to Delhi for five days' tight interrogation. The present ruling establishment, which type of face that it had risen in Gujarat -- or has emerged in going on tenure in the center: we look at six reasons for this action.

The first of it is that this government fears independent thought. They seem that the Indians should be obedient as well as with identical thinking they should be faithful to the present government establishment, to the system, and together they should comprehensively assume their great leaders of this country to be visionary; and should be understood as reverent. The government intends such an ideal situation that there could not be reviewed of its works and policies in detail, independent, and criticizing way. Anyway, the space of independent democracy has shrunk much since 2014, yet it has not absolutely annihilated. Still, some parts of the free press and the civil societies are alive however they are also sinking -- and in a few big states, it is still alive where the BJP government does not exist. There is the dominance of that system in India which is governed by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi whether it may be politics or civil society, but this duet has no satisfaction. They want conquest as a whole. In the wake of these ambitions, they censor the parliamentary discussion over the issues, abridge the practicing of conferred power of the states, and tightrope over the liberty of media. During his six and a half years tenure of the rule, Prime Minister has not called even a single press conference yet. Together they with the case have developed gray journalism(Godi media) and propagated it ahead. In this way, they downed the media test of their government functioning criterion successfully. Although they are not able to liquidate absolutely, this is the reason why they are targeting the websites like News Click and other freelance journalists.

The second reason for this arrest is that the present establishment fears independent thinking, but it happens to be especially when this thinking comes from the youth expressions. Indian youth between 20-30 age group look with idealistic respect towards religious pluralism, ethnic, gender justice, democratic transparency, and issues like environmental. These ideals are not only apart of the Sangh family ideals, but also these become in the face of them frequently. if these youth citizens have much more time for fulfilling their expects then the misappropriation of conferred power from the government and if needed, through the lawful procedures they should be sent to jail. A bright future hoping, moralize and unbiased feeling youth for the country have been tormented earlier too. and Disha Ravi's arrest is a new addition to this sequence.

These idealistic youth are a big challenge to Sagh family -- bigger than the opposition parties! Nikhil Wagle wrote after the arrest of Disha Ravi, " Indira Gandhi had made the arrest of opposition leaders."

Modi is not going to do so because he knows that most of them have had no more credibility and not much influence. Then he makes the arrests of true and youth activists who are fighting to save the democracy. This is 'Modi's Emergency with a Difference'. These youth activists like other parties MLAs and the MPs cannot be joined in BJP through the money or the pressure-like ways. These youth activists like other parties MLAs and the MPs cannot be joined in BJP through the money or the pressure-like ways. these cannot be alleged of dynasticism, nepotism, or then corruption. The Sangh family at the mental and conceptual level fears more of Umar Khalid and Natasha Narwal than Rahul Gandhi or Mamta Benerjee.

The third reason for Disha Ravi's arrest is that the present government establishment wants to manage any news.  What the ways the government establishment resorted over the dealing with the farmers' protest and the way what they reacted extremely over the foreign entities' tweets became the cause of worldwide kidding. To divert the attention of people now the government is trying its bet to test extreme nationalism and claiming that the idle immigrant Khalistan in Canada, a younger girl of Sweden, and a damsel of Bengaluru are hatching a deep international conspiracy against the country.

Now the Delhi police shall leak one by one some selecting statement, and the Godi media, as well as the BJP IT cell both, will cackle making it a base. In this way, the government desires that the story of hardship of farmers sitting at the borders of our national capital will be on the back foot for some time at least. the fourth reason for this damsel's arrest, of my hometown, Bengaluru, is that the present government establishment is in an instinct of xenophobic (not liking of foreigners). it angers its rooted nationalism that the indigenous named Indian damsel was constantly in touch with the white skin, Christian background, activists of weather changing. Their nationalism says that if any Disha Ravi named girl is to talk to anyone abroad, she must have to talk only to overseas friends of BJP cell in New York or in Washington.

The fifth reason for this arrest of 21 years in Bengaluru city was to disseminate a message to make fear among every youth and their parents. If the tweet for the farmers protesting against the government can be treated in so cruel way by the system, the students, activism doers, going beyond the examinations and the careers (whether it is part-time) will evade doing so; their parents and the relatives will advise them to be kept themselves away from social media or distance from the meeting. The same thing shall address them by the school and the colleges' teachers too. The obedience and living like others atmosphere what is a desire by the ruling organization will make deeper in the youth of the country. These five reasons are normal and most of the youth join the activist. the sixth reason is only connected to Disha Ravi. The government is afraid of this activist so because her organization, Fridays For Future, has drawn the people's attention to those surroundings violations that had been done by the Indian government.

The News Minute Website explains in its write-up, "It seems that the FFF had taken measures strongly against the draft of EIA 2020 gazette notification for the assessment of the environment effect which had downsized the conferred limits of the public is the reason of Union Government resentment; and all approvals related to the environment were granted after the starting the projects.” To thin the EIA is conducive to the widen policies of Narendra Modi's government where the interest of the corporate are put on the priorities than the issues of the gain-loss for the environment and social justice.

Sudha Bharadwaj and Stan Swamy in central India both are being punished for the protest against the mining companies which got the possessions of Adivasis' land and the forests and whose promoters are close to the government. Now the Bengaluru's Disha Ravi is in the trap.

Disha Ravi was never active in politics during her student's life -- so to say, she was not aware mentally of this tough interrogation! the writer is aware of the state system that is possible absolutely that why Delhi police had arrested Disha Ravi. it is very frightening to think how had Delhi police tormented and behaved her for this.

I have already said the law-abiding government does not practice any such thing, but in the heart of the exiting government has no respect for the democratic procedures. this the government which has no transparency, dignity, civilization, and humanity. Its just firmness is to rule as a whole. Its efforts are only centralized on its absolute plan and political, personal supremacy.

The stuff has been translated from Hindi published write-up in Satyagrah

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